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      With us going fully back to in game party treasure will be going out each event starting this Wednesday, June 9th. I’ll also be handing out money bags for events that were attended throughout the pandemic. If you PCed or NPCed at all March 2020 – May 2021 please see me before or after an event over the next little while. I may hunt down and pass out the money bags at times, but for the most part I would appreciate it if people would come to my vehicle so I don’t have to lug all the coin bags around.

      Speaking of treasure. Make sure you sign up for any events you plan on playing. If you are NPCing and let us know it helps the runner know if they will have enough NPCs or if they need to request some more. If you are PCing it gives plot the opportunity to plan for your character being there and lets me know how much treasure to prep. At least for the next little while I am going to completely base treasure off of signups and not bring spare coin for “just in case a bunch of people didn’t sign up but did show up” situations. If you don’t sign up when you plan on PCing party treasure will be smaller than it otherwise could have been. I’m even going to do this for weekenders. My hope is this approach will help encourage people to sign up, it is more than a little helpful.

      Thank you,

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