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    Hey everyone,

    Over the last few months we have investigated a lot of interesting and dangerous things. Some things we have completed but there are several things I can think of that have either not been pursued or maybe forgotten.

    I figured I would make a list of the things I know about that the town has worked on in the past. Feel free to correct me if these things had been completed or are currently being pursued. If so, tell me who is looking into it and I will put their name next to the mission.

    I will also add missions that are currently being pursued. That way it’ll be easy to share information and possibly work with those who are working on the same thing as you.
    I’m not trying to take control of what you’re working on or how you’re doing it, I just hate the idea of people not sharing useful information or problems slipping under the rug, forgotten, because it was overlooked.

    Here are some of the things that the town has been working on as a whole. I’m not worried about these things being forgotten about but would like to put them on the list.

    Amethyst- Finding the meaning behind it, how it could be used, research, finding Herromire’s shards, locating Albion May

    Those Involved-Talos, Xisteau, Zyra

    Leaf- Preparing for an attack on the Nightmare Realm, helping the Ashen Cloth, information and supply gathering.

    Those Involved- Camilla, Sticks, Rory

    Ku’vhal- Finding the Guardian, helping with Wish, finding information on the snake people.

    Those involved- ?

    Assassination on Northwatch- Who is out to get the members of Northwatch?

    Those involved- Rin (until I hit a dead end and moved onto other things)

    These are the major things I am aware of that the town is working on as a whole.

    Below are quests that members of the town have pursued in small groups. I am only mentioning the ones I know of and that I don’t believe have been completed.

    Missing Children- Children have gone missing from Westerland, Hadrinus and Falconcrest. Robbed figures have been seen casting necromancy and children have been found dead.

    Those involved- Boji

    Gray Rash- A gray rash has been spreading around Falconcrest. We know who may of created it but we dont currently know where he is. It spreads rapidly, and is highly contagious. Why is it spreading and how can it be stopped?

    Those involved- Newell and Mort

    Magical creature experimentation- A drake was found dead in the woods. It was necrotic and was tainting the area around it. When investigated a large organ was found inside the drake that was riddled with necromancy. A second creature was found and saved with the same ailment. Who is doing this and why?

    Those involved- Zhaylaeh and Jovi?

    Fairies in Terath- A fairie portal was found and it was learned that fairies from the winter court are pursuing escaped servants called the Fiered(sp) creatures that rebelled and were destroyed by the Winter Queen. Those who survived escaped to Terath. We don’t know what they look like but they all bear some kind of marking on their person.

    Those involved- ?

    Finding Avric and Xefrom

    We are aware that Avric is in a planar dimension of Tal Sigor’s. How do we find him? What have we done to look for Xefrom?

    Those involved- ?

    Feel free to message me or post below if you know of other missions that have been overlooked. Also feel free to post if you are actively looking into one of these and I didn’t enter your name. I hope this helps keep people busy and involved.



    Had a thought, could we add “Helping Ragnar” to the list? I’m personally not sure what we could do to help him with the Moot, especially with Clan Nightwolf watching for those who would interfere from other kingdoms, and am personally kind of busy with the aftermath of Zellik’s Lab, but considering current events it might be a good idea to see if we can help him unless we want Clan Nightwolf to win.

    Book-small ~Zyra Goldenmane

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    I am personally looking for powerful rituals that are unique/complex/overly prepared rituals that I can study. I am happy to talk over why it is a little long to write out all the details about it.

    Sage Camilla


    There have been a few of us helping out Orthea collect some stuff for something to protect their home circle or something like that. Those involved in the first mission, I believe was Wrynn, Karu, Xisteau, Gray, and myself all had some sort of Geass put on us because of it. So there’s that. I was involved in the first investigation with the missing children as well.

    Jovi Smash, The Spring Warrior

    Michael Dempsey

    I don’t really know how Hadrian politics work , but if we helped Ragnar complete the other three great feats (see below)

    Clan Asketh has announced that their feat is one of survival
    Clan Boldir has announced that their feat is one of wisdom
    Clan Vanir has announced that their feat is one of creation

    wouldn’t that put in a more favorable position to win the moot?



    Probably a good strategy, issues being we’d have to figure out a way to help with such without Clan Nightwolf getting in the way, since they are going after outsiders trying to interfere.


    You are probably the one who knows the most about this, do you have any ideas? Also, do you know if others can also complete the same challenges or is it just one person per challenge?

    Everyone else,

    Do we have anyone able to help out with this task?

    Book-small~Zyra Goldenmane


    Clan Vanir’s task was already completed. Ragnar won it and gained Clan Vanirs favor.




    Glad that counted as a challenge, that’s one down.

    Wisdom and Survival, those could be an interesting combination. Anyone have any ideas?



    It was gifts from Karu and Rin which gave Ragnar Tallcastle the edge he needed to claim victory in the Feats of Creation. If we could find perfect gifts like those other which we found, that would certainly be a great boon.

    Clan Asketh will put forth a Feat of Survival, and knowing Asketh, it wouldn’t surprise me if it had something to do with sailing in dangerous waters. Clan Boldir are known as Beast Masters and Smiths. Their Feat of Wisdom could involve druidic magic with animals, maybe?

    But that’s the thing about the King’s Moot. The Great Clans are free to set the challenges, and though they are honor bound to set forth challenges which are ‘appropriate’, they are also free to choose challenges which clearly favor one candidate over the other.

    There is literally an old tale from an ancient King’s Moot long ago where one of the Great Clans (Vanir or Boldir, depending upon the version) supposedly announced their Feat would be one of Fortitude. It involved a night of feasting and drinking, where the clan supposedly served food and drink which was widely known to make some of the other champions ill, giving their chosen champion the advantage.

    Unless anyone has any better ideas, I think the best thing that we can do is get the people of Hadrianus to support Ragnar by spending our time and resources helping do good works in his name. And we could try to get magical gifts for him. And we could perhaps see if there is something we could do that could get Asketh and Boldir to support him.

    Bannor of Harrowheim


    Got a lead on a way to find Avric and Xefrom. To start we were told to find close personal items they held dear. I’ve written a few people about this and waiting for responses.


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