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      I spoke to Mediva within the Dream Realm about options for Wess and I on gathering information on the demon Sovereignty who has done all this abysal nonsense to us. One of the options was going to the town within the Abyss called Tricopoli. A town that was drawn into the Abyss and due to how time passes differently there, has been there for generation’s. They have a likelihood of knowing more about Sovereignty. But the journey will be very dangerous and it isn’t like we have had much time to prepare. Here is a response from Westmir when I wrote him about it this week.


      When I traveled to the Abyss and encountered the remnants of Tricopoli it was through a portal in the Avothian Forest guarded by the Avothian King. If you wish to pass through it, I can speak with him to garner his consent.

      Once through the portal, we will have to move some distance before traveling magics will be at all reliable.

      This is the Abyss. It will be a very dangerous trip. I cannot guarantee the safety or even the souls of anyone who goes. Be certain they know to what they are agreeing.

      Doing this will be very component intensive, requiring at least two rune dusts. I can supply them if needed, but that will consume a great deal of my ritual power for some time. I also have no doubt it will require a great deal on the part of North watch and I recommend you prepare with anything you can. The Abyss is not to be taken lightly.

      If you wish to do this, we must do so as soon as possible. As the summer proceeds, the stability of the magics needed decreases. I can have supplies gathered by this Wednesday to assist with the journey. I can not be certain when our next window will be if you pass on this opportunity.

      Let me know as soon as possible if this is the route you wish to go.


      So what I’m asking is if this is worth the risk a d if people are willing to go. It will be dangerous and we don’t have a guarantee on what information will be gleamed.
      So before I agree to Westmir’s generous offer, let’s talk about it and see if there’s even enough people to garner going.



        Got this is response to Westmir. Time is of the essence and a decision needs to be made. I want to try for it but I obviously need everyone’s help. I feel sooner would be more beneficial.


        I have completed as much of the prep work as I can. We are now at the point where if I continue any further, my components will be expended and the Avothian King will begin activating the portal.

        I wanted to reach out to you before we get to that point and confirm that you are resolved to go into the Abyss. We are at the point of no return, and if you are not ready to go I do not want to waste components, my time, or the Avothian kings efforts.

        My calculations suggest there may be another window open briefly in about six weeks where the magics may align to make the attempt as well. I’m sure you know better than I what you risk by waiting though. The choice is yours.


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