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    Good Heroes,

    First I must thank you a thousand times over for all the aid you have rendered to the Heartlands and the people of Lairroth. The road has been long and difficult, but in large part thanks to your efforts over the last year, I believe we are finally ready to strike a decisive blow against the White King and the M’Reg.

    Two days from now, the final preparations will have been made that will allow you to infiltrate to the very heart of the Void itself, and there to use the Crown to end the M’Reg scourge once and for all.

    I have no doubt the way will be difficult, and the Void too will surely rebel at your presence as before, and its many denizens and magics will strike out at you like the body at ill-humors. Also, though his efforts were stopped before they came to fruition, we have been advised there is a terrible abomination trapped in the Void, created by the White King to aid him in his rule of Lairroth. What remains of it will likely be near to the place where you must go.

    I beg you to prepare yourselves and provide what aid you can, for the very fate of Lairroth and perhaps all Cyrillia may rest on the success of this venture.

    I will meet you once more in Greymoore City to help you through the portal. Travel safely and good luck my friends!

    ~Thavier, Wizard of the Heartlands


    Hi Mr. Thavier,

    I have had the kind pleasure of going to the void for ya folks a number of times and put quite simply it is atrocious. We have given our fair share of blood and lives for this. We have been used as a distraction , a sacrifice, and basically a crappy piece on the chess board. Tho a number o folk claim some family in your lands most of us are from Terath.

    So long complainin short do you have a real plan, real precautions, and quite simply a real reward this time for us? I know I personally have taken losses to my funds every time I try to help you and we get treated downright awful in regards to both info and respect. If you are going to be treating us this level of strike force and treat us as outside mercenaries we need guarantees.

    Thank you kindly,


    To Isaac and everyone else who have lent their aid and spilt their blood in the Void,

    First, I would like to apologize. I wish I could have answered this sooner but, my duties as Governor of the Three Spires has occupied nearly my full attention of late. You do deserve an answer. The information in my possession may not satisfy you and you may even feel my reasons are not compelling but, it is what I have to offer.

    Second, I have purchased thirty Raise Dead Salves for the activities tonight and will be procuring many more Wellbeing items from the CMA tonight. The suffering and deaths that have occurred in this endeavor fills me with sorrow and I will do whatever I can to ease that hardship.

    To be extremely brief, for nearly two years Lairroth has been under invasion by a nearly limitless horde of creatures known as the M’Reg. They will not negotiate and seek only to devour the entire world like mold devours a loaf of bread. The rest of the world are seen only as cattle or breeding vessels by them. They are beings spawned from the pure chaos of a realm known as The Void. They are led by an entity known as The White King who tricked their former ruler, The Golden Emperor, into giving it a powerful artifact known as The Golden Crown. The White King then forced the M’Reg Forgemaster to twist and alter the nature of the Crown. The White King then used the power of the Crown to bend almost all M’Reg to its will, tear a hole from the Void to our world, and lead an invasion into Cyrilla.

    Their original breakthrough point was in the country known as Vrogosh. They have completely overwhelmed that country. Tens of thousands have died there. They have been seeking to expand their corruption to all of Cyrilla.

    I, under the leadership of Queen Serina and Lord Knight Secundus Delacor, have been leading the efforts of the Heartlands to press back this invasion force. I have been assisted by a collective of the most powerful mages in Lairroth known as the Heartland Circle of Mages. This Circle has been helping to research the invasion force and probe the capabilities of the Crown. With their help, and the Forgemaster sacrificing his life, we were able to correct the damage to the Golden Crown and restore it to its original purpose. The Crown is made from/by Void Magic which seems to encompass arcane, necromantic, elemental, mystic, and many other types of magic that we have little to no understanding of. As a Mystic Caster I have been helping to research the crown for almost a year.

    I do not apologize for the secrecy I have used to protect our efforts. We have been viciously opposed at every hand. Information on our activities has been stolen or obtained through subterfuge on many occasions. This has led to the deaths of thousands as battle plans have been given to the M’Reg, giving them a devastating advantage on the battle field. Whenever knowledge of our activities has been spread too openly we have been ambushed at our meeting points by heavy M’Reg resistance, depleting a third of our resources. People are dying everyday on the boarders of the Heartlands, Illithoria, Nedrak, and others to keep this threat contained.

    Your assistance is valuable and I will repay you in kind and in coin for your help. I will be leading the expedition tonight. If you have an issue with that bring it up with me now over private message or tonight when you arrive.

    Squire Tybreagus Heartseeker
    Governor of the Three Spires
    White Knight

    IG: Squire Tybreagus Heartseeker, Human, White Knight, Citizen of Falconcrest, and all around good guy.


    I believe I will have to talk to you tonight.

    -Zyra Goldenmane
    –Treasurer of the Brotherhood of the Dark Star

    J’hunai Noquar


    That is a wonderful history lesson and description of your glorious efforts to fight these creatures.

    However, the issue brought up by our companion Issac is not questioning that. The issue is the lack of respect and information many of us have received while we have been helping with this important endeavor. We have been called untrustworthy, useless, and told that we would be disregarded and abandoned if we do not follow unclear orders. Many of us have been treated, as Isaac pointed out, as simple mercenaries to do the dirty work and then disregarded as if our opinions do not matter.

    Not to appear biased, but we travel with some of the most experienced adventures of all over Lairroth and Terath. When our might is united, we can build mountains or destroy the fiercest of enemies and that is exactly what we have done. Many of us have taken down demons and lead armies. Why are we not using this experience? Why do you push this away? Our skills and experience should be taken advantage of. That means sharing information with us. That means allowing someone else in on what’s happening so that we can collaborate on the best course and save more lives.

    If people are fighting you it is because they want to help and succeed in the mission. Unfortunately, they are met with secrecy and contempt instead.

    Tybregus. You want to lead this mission. You have dedicated years to stopping the M’reg and end this invasion. Let. Us. Help. You. Share information. Allow others to take over as a leading the party and make sure we have the information to do so. Be a valuable healer during a fight and share the load of responsibility so that you are not overburdened with exhaustion and emotion. Trust us. Tell us what is happening. Learn from our experiences. Our knowledge and experience is yours if you take the time to listen to us. You are not the only person who cares about this fight. Show us the same respect you have demanded out of us.

    If we are treated as mercenaries, we will act like them. But don’t be surprised if we start demanding payment and stop caring about what we are asked to help with.


    J'hunai Noquar
    Child of Earth Magic

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