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    Theodin Saris or Valdimarr D’Angelo,

    We find ourselves in what might be considered a crisis in which the Faded Realm is involved, and we would love it if one of you could pretty please come visit Northwatch as soon as you possibly can. It’s quite urgent, might have to go on a little field trip to a nearby place in the Runes of Ku’Vahl.

    Thank you in advanced if you are able to assist in this,

    Book-small ~Zyra Goldenmane



    Would you please elaborate more on the crisis? Both Valdimarr and myself have some time sensitive things going on at the moment that we would prefer not to have to abandon and potentially start over on.

    Thank you,
    Theodin Saris


    Theodin Saris,

    Yes, of course. So there is something (not sure what, probably not a creature but definitely some sort of threat, a big one) trapped in the Faded Realm, and held there by Eldritch Anchors. Well, we were tricked into thinking these Eldritch Anchors weren’t keeping something out, but were instead a connection to a power source for Magus Arcetiomas, so we destroyed the first two of three, but as we were working to destroy the third realized we had been deceived, tried to bolster it, and we really aren’t sure how in tact it is, what it’s keeping locked in the Faded Realm, or if there is a way to repair the already destroyed anchors, which we think we might want to do. What we do know about what was sealed is it was sealed back in the Vallehorian’s time, it’s related to Amethyst, and even the Emperor of Verath is aware of it being sealed away and feels it being sealed away means there is nothing to worry about as far as the rather large threat is concerned.
    We’d really appreciate help from Faded Realm experts to figure these things out, at the least what is there and how close to letting it out we are. Hopefully that paints a clearer picture without possibly getting me in trouble for talking too much about it publicly…




    I was wondering if you’d had knowledge on planar sanctums. Avric was trapped in Tal Sigors planar sanctum and I was wondering if you had knowledge on finding/tracking them. Any knowledge would be helpful.

    Thank you,


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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