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      To The Heroes of Falconguard and Friends of The Old Blood, we thank you for your aid. In a small number of days, our brother Faigan Iscariot and our sister Orthia Lockheart will be returned to you. For now, they dance and laugh with us in celebration. Our plea to The Ancestors has been answered, and our people are ready to return to Terath.

      To the rulers of the Kingdoms of Falconcrest and Westerland, we bid that you honor Faigan Iscariot, The Chain Breaker. We ask that you name him our champion in your laws, and grant him the power to shield our people from harm as they wander your realms. The gypsies are returning to Terath, and it is with both optimism and cheer that we prepare ourselves to travel throughout the many nations of this shattered empire, building friendships and aiding our neighbors in their struggle against The Father of Monsters.

      Though we now return, we have not forgotten the blood and fire brought down upon our innocent kin by the wrathful Dragons; nor shall we. And yet there are those amongst the dragon-blooded who have sought us out in hopes of restoring friendship and keeping peace. We have heard their appeal, and declare here and now that we choose to judge each of their kind on their own merit; we choose not to make war upon them.

      And yet there are those who owe a price of blood – to these we offer a choice: Step forward in your own time with your heads held high. Come seek us out so that you may make recompense for the blood spilt, balancing the scales. We will welcome you with honor. Or choose pride and arrogance, clinging tightly to the conviction that you are untouchable in your might and beyond contestation in your righteous cause. As the years pass you will find misfortune following your every step as your words of power turn to dust upon your tongues.

      To all others, we wish you safe passage upon the roads. Know that we will see you soon.

      Elder Svalnyr of The Trinity
      Lord of The Ellipsis

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