The Lost Gourd of Telithelieleron (March 13th Teaser)

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      Brave Mortalfolk,

      Word has come to me, whispered into my dreaming ears, that you are in search of a power that will let you wash away the dark stain of Abyssal forces.

      What luck for you then, that Puck has deep knowledge of such things.

      And better still, fate sends that I can weave you a tale of a lost treasure of just this sort – a treasure which awaits only a brave hand to claim it.

      I speak of an ancient relic known as the Gourd of Telithelieleron, an Ethlin tool of the old elves, whose fading magic has been confirmed to still hold at least an echo of the once mighty power it possessed for cleansing demonic corruption. In years and decades and centuries long since passed, the wise ethlin people used the Gourd of Telithelieleron to wash away corruptions encountered by those near the Unquenchable Desert following the horrors of the great SkyFire. Now the relic lies lost and abandoned beneath within a forgotten pathway in the Lost Mines, having been claimed by adventurous dwarves and brought to the central Terathian mountains long ago.

      And as I am an honest Puck, I shall speak more, and tell you also that my lord’s beloved had once wished to claim this treasure as her own. And yet, fickle fortune and the painful loss of a favored child has turned her yearnings elsewhere. Queen Titania’s former desire to possess this treasure has been abandoned, much like the gourd itself, and now it is yours to claim like fresh fruit ripe for plucking.

      Seek you the southern path to the Lost Mines through the Aegis Falls of Falconcrest. Climb the upward path, leaning westward at each turning, and enter not the first nor second opening to the depths. Instead, find the third way into the yawning darkness, which shall be marked to your eyes with jagged rocky teeth of pale stone. Then descend downward into the depths of the Lost Mines until you find halls of cleanly cut rock, and take care to not become lost yourselves. If you are lucky, then you shall find your way. And if you are luckier still, then perhaps you shall find me waiting to meet you.

      And should our games e’er offend,
      allow remembrance of this gift to mend.
      And think you fondly of kind and playful Puck.

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