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    I’ve finally gotten around to writing the first edition of my “newspaper”. This will be a news source in the form of a scroll (lowercase, the non-magical kind) and I will offer monthly editions.

    First edition will be available for purchase at Winterfest 220 PB. There will be a limited number of copies, unless you send me a pigeon to pre-0rder one or more. It’s extremely last minute, but I have space for a single ad, approximately 150 words, first come first serve, unless you get into a bidding war, I will take extra money. If you are interested in the ad space it will cost 5 silver (or whatever amount wins a bid war), because it’s the Winterfest edition.

    This first edition is a special Winterfest edition and includes stories from all of 219 PB.

    Future editions will be summaries from the previous month. World news, and summaries of adventures the adventurers of Northwatch go on, as I can make or get them (aka: if I’m not on an adventure, there is a high chance there won’t be a summary). There will also be other small articles in it, and ad space can be purchased.

    I will not be doing yearly subscriptions or taking payment for more than one at a time because if they aren’t in high enough demand I will simply stop making them.

    I will accept business from those outside Northwatch as well, so long as they are not a known enemy.

    Prices are as follows:

    • Winterfest (year summary) edition: 2 silver per copy
    • Winterfest ad space: 150 words – 5 silver
    • Monthly edition: 1 silver per copy (Regular Adventurers of Northwatch only pay 10 copper)
    • Basic Ad Space (150 words, Fancy formatting will reduce this count): 30 copper
    • Large Ad Space (max of 300 words, Fancy formatting will reduce this count): 5 silver (Regular Adventurers of Northwatch only pay 3 Silver)

    If you wish to submit an article (must be relevant, new, not an ad, and appropriate) I will pay you 1-5 silver per article depending on length, how good it is, how much formatting it needs, and if it’s just information or a properly written article.

    If you would like to place an order, or if you would like to purchase ad space please send a pigeon to my pigeon box:

    Thank you,

    Book-small ~Zyra Goldenmane

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    Also, as far as credit goes. If you write an article that get’s published your name will be at the bottom if you want credit, you can also request to remain anonymous. Same with ads.

    Most likely the majority of the articles will not have an author noted, I don’t feel like writing my name at the bottom of each article.

    Book-small~Zyra Goldenmane



    I look forward to seeing your work.

    Markov Talespinner
    Bard, Historian, Story Seeker


    I definitely will be purchasing a copy.

    Sitka Andromeda


    I would love to purchase a copy too. Maybe take a jab at writing as well. Who knows. I’m excited.

    "Like renewal, but without the RE"


    The Winterfest Edition of The Golden Scroll went rather well, so I will be continuing to publish these, and will attempt to do so monthly. The March edition will be available shortly.

    After the first edition, I’ve decided on a couple important updates to ads:

    2 ad spaces per month. First two people to send in for an ad space get it. If more than 2 people order an ad space they will be pushed back to the next month. They will get a warning pigeon.

    To avoid annoyance at a single ad popping up constantly, the same ad can only be posted every other month. Ads by the same person can be done each month, but they have to be on a different topic. Ads from different people that are too similar will also follow the same restriction. So if person A wants to put in an ad for their tinkering, and then person B wants to put in an ad for Persona A’s tinkering, they will fall in this restriction. However, if person A wants to do an ad for their own tinkering, and person b wants to do an ad for their own tinkering as well, they might very well end up in even the same edition of The Golden Scroll and don’t fall under this restriction.

    Thank you,

    Book-small ~ Zyra Goldenmane


    I’ve done some thinking on the prices for monthly editions and have updated the costs, specifically for regular Northwatch Adventurers (honestly, I consider if you show up twice a year regular enough for this, just so long as you actually adventure with us). Honestly, I really want to help keep Northwatch updated on what’s going on, writing these just take a ton of work, ink, and paper, and I’m hoping the bit of incoming coin will help supplement my ritual progression.

    I might make a separate, cleaner, like just the prices, post later, like maybe next month or so.

    Book-small ~ Zyra Goldenmane

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