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    Troy G

      Attention NorthWatch,

      This is Marshal Willenholly, of the FalconCrest Range Guard. Our paths crossed several rotations past. I require your immediate assistance.

      Intel indicates a potential disturbance in the southern town of Oakwind, located on the forest border, a half-day march from Adwiens Crossing. Residence of the town requested assistance from the Range Guard due to increased shadows coming to the town. Communication with Oakwind has ceased, and two scouts dispatched for recon haven’t reported back. We suspect hostile activity.

      NorthWatch, your unwavering support for FalconCrest’s defense is a proven fact. Lieutenant Shay’Raj exemplifies this commitment. I request the deployment of a recon team to assess the situation in Oakwind, locate our missing personnel, and secure the town if necessary.

      Stand by for further orders.

      Willenholly, Marshal, FalconCrest Range Guard



        Interestingly enough there are those who adventure with Northwatch that aren’t Falconcrest citizens, and as such aren’t beholden to the country’s Range Guard, or any other military group of the land. And presuming the unwavering support and commitment from such adventurers may not be conducive to their assistance.

        Be that as it may, it does sound like your situation could potentially be troublesome. So it is that I wish you luck with what support you do manage to conscript.

        Wess Morgan

        Time for some thrilling heroics!

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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