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    Troy G

      Hello Explorers,

      I am Durion SilverHammer of Clan SilverHammer, I am a representative of the explorers league based out of Westerland. I have been asking around for people hardy enough to be apart of the explorers league. Two towns have come up, Lamora and NorthWatch, I have put inquiries into Lamora and come bearing the same offer to you fine folks.

      What is the explorers league you ask? Well it is a bunch of individuals that delve deep into lost tombs and try and discover the mysterious objects of the past. Are we grave robbers? No, I would merely put that we are archeologists that are dedicated to preserving the past.

      I would love to come and extend an invitation to the guild by giving you a chance to delve into a sealed tunnel on the outskirts of Ku’Vhal. Whatever you find you keep. I would just ask to catalog the items before them being whisked away.

      May the Stones be like roots beneath your feet,
      Durion SilverHammer of Clan SilverHammer

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      • This topic was modified 8 months, 3 weeks ago by Troy G.
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