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    Paul Iverson

      Friends of the Jade Lotus, hear our plea.

      We have fought together for the past few months, trying to assess what it is that Fu Leng has been doing. We sent you to speak with spirits which told us of the many possible threats that come our way. We have sent you within our lands to discover the Oni Mask, which would reveal the location of our former master. And we have trained you in our ways, shown you our customs and have given you the knowledge of our ancestors.

      In our diligence, the Jade Lotus has been preparing the few hundred survivors of the Shinjuku Islands. We know that Fu Leng wishes to destroy us, and eventually Calien itself for the help they have given our people. We have talked to the Calien government and asked for their assistance in the coming day ahead, but they have been distant… distracted. Only a handful of their scouts have come to our villages to assess our situation and report back to the City of Lombard (the closest city to our lands within Calien).

      We cannot afford to lose more at the hands of our former master. The Shinjukian people have suffered enough. It is enough that we cannot come back through the circle of life, or that our ancestral home is buried deep in the Calien Sea. But now, to have the very spirits we pay homage to attack us at our former master’s whim…

      We ask that you come to Blossom in the Wind Village on July 12th with all haste, so that we may discuss what to do about Fu Leng and the elemental force that he is mustering.

      Yiruma Hensai
      Master of the Elements
      The Raging Typhoon

      **OOG: The letter is sealed with a deep green wax and the symbol of a lotus flower**

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