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    Kacy Grimes

      Here is the poll for the PC’s to decide their collective efforts for defending city of Rezport for the month of October.

      I apologize for the late posting of the poll, we had some issues with the functionality of the embedded poll on the boards, thankfully Marley was able to work it out.

      The Poll will close on Monday 10/24 and the votes at that time will determine what the actions will be. For many of the results look to the Rezport current events post in the Northwatch in-game forum. Other aspects of why your actions are important will be seen at modules and in your interactions with NPC’s.

      Remember each player can only have one PC that is part of the defense of Rezport, and for the month of October each PC gets three votes. So choose three of the options above. In order to provide three votes, you must click on the “vote” link between each consecutive votes. this will allow you to vote again.

      A more detailed explanation of the choices is as follows:

      1. Rebuild the City–repair and build fortifications throughout the City of Rezport. Much of the city was damaged in the initial assault by Licit and needs to be repaired and, hopefully, improved with counter-siege tactics such as ramparts, towers, cauldrons etc…This option will improve and become more powerful the more consecutive times it is chosen.

      2. Improve Morale–many of the citizens of Rezport are homeless and/or grieving for the loss of loved ones. Others are dismayed at the apparent might and implacability of the City of Licit, surrender seems the most obvious and sure way to survive. They need to be reminded of what they sacrifice if they surrender to the will of Licit.

      3. Gather Information–learn and incorporate military strategies for the continuing siege from licit. Its been quite ever since the first onslaught ended, but that wont last forever and every day Licit moves closer and closer to Rezport, its only a matter of time before the Licit attacks again, and the more prepared Rezport military response is, the more likely it is that Rezport will be able to repel the attack.

      4. Rat-Folk Focus–The Rat-folk are numerous, and during the initial assault proved how vital a resource they can be. However, the average citizen of Rezport has strong prejudicies against the Rat-folk and they are a distrusted and maligned race. The Citizens need to be convinced that the Rat-folk deserve a place to call home, and they need to see that the Rat-folk can continue to provide as a valuable asset in the Cities defense. Further the Rat-folk themselves need training in a variety of skills that would make them more active and useful members of society such as healing and as fast response military guerilla fighters.

      5. Counter-intelligence–Licit’s next move is likely to depend on what kind of intelligence information it gets from its contacts and spies within the city of Rezport. If those eye’s and ear’s are silent or provide misinformation then Licit’s strategies will be less effective. But first those agents need to be identified and either eliminated or manipulated to provide false information.

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