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      Necromancy, the flip side of Mystic Magic is illegal in most parts of Terath, but some may question why it is illegal, or may say that it is fine to cast necromancy if you are somewhere that the law doesn’t forbid its casting. In this paper I would like to explain why that mindset is incorrect, and expound on the reasonings behind necromancy being outlawed in many kingdoms.
      One of the main arguments against using necromancy stems from the abyssal taint that lies within it. The mind influencing part of necromancy mostly comes from the abyssal part of the magic, and the potency of necromatic magic comes largely from this abyssal taint. Abyssal magic, the magic of demons, is corrupting in its very essence, feeding on the spirit and damaging the fabric of Cyrillia.
      The Abyssal taint within necromancy isn’t the only reason it should be avoided though. Necromancy itself can be dangerous. High amounts of necromancy in an area can cause necro voids to form, and the dead to rise. Necro voids are often the worst case scenario, unleashing waves of undead upon the land, however, even smaller amounts of necromantic concentrations, especially when not balanced by mystic magic, can cause undead to rise in the area. Undead that rise this way are often mindless, and driven by the sole desire to consume or eliminate the living, making necromantic magic dangerous for all living beings.
      I write this short paper to warn those who would contemplate casting this dangerous magic think of the consequences of their actions and resist the urge. Although necromantic magic may seem like a powerful tool to be used in dangerous situations, the cost is not worth the gain, and one may find the situation more dangerous for their casting of the dark magic. These dangers are why many kingdoms outlaw necromancy, the dangers came before the laws, so the laws should not be the only thing preventing people from casting necromancy.

      Sage Zyra Goldenmane

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