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      Teaser for 7/27/2022
      Rats, rats, and more rats. Everyone in London is getting sick of seeing rats, and now with a plague called “The Bite” things have gotten tenser. Those who are showing signs of being sick are being shunned. As “The Bite” has not appeared in all areas of the city no action has been taken by The Queen. With no cure being found there are many who are worried that the walls that protect the people will instead be their grave. Elder Arom and others have made a call to aid in a potential cure. This Wednesday evening the Society of Adam will gather to collect the last things that are needed.

      *The following notice is posted in the sitting room of the Society of Adam*
      “Myself and some others have been looking into the plague known as “The Bite” since we last talked. I have found an alchemy schema that we believe may have the right curative properties to help those who are infected with this plague. With no success on other means of a cure. We have collected many of the components we will need but are missing some key ingredients. We are gathering on the Evening of the 27th of the Month of July at the Society of Adam. Those who are able to assist we hope you will meet us there.

      Elder Arom”

      Story Thus Far:
      The Cult of the Brotherhood, a new name among those that seek the unknown and otherworldly things. Yet, the following has grown and grown over the last couple of months. Little is known about them in the general populace of London. Yet, many things have been uncovered about them by the members of the Society of Adam. With the spread of “The Bite” through London it appears it may be a good time to talk about the things that are known.

        The group has a reverence and almost worships rats.
        They have been looking for a person they call the Prima Macula
        They have been gathering books in hopes that they will find pieces of a book known as the Grimoire ot Gn’th’bthnk that will show them the path to the Prima Macula.
        Pages of the Grimoire are held by Jasper, who is trying to keep them away from the Brotherhood. The Book shop owner Agnes has several more pieces that she is holding onto.
        The plague called “The Bite” that is spreading around London is being caused by the Prima Macula and the Brotherhood has been working to spread it to all places in London.
        There is no known cure for “The Bite.”
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