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      We are starting to run low on coin, and we are planning on ordering a new batch soon. We are hoping to use a new design for this next order, but this time around, we’ve decided that we’d like to host an art contest so that we can choose art created and submitted by our players . If you folks are interested in putting your artistic talents to work, we’d love to see what you come up with. The details are below. Thanks!

      Rules of the 2024 Mythic Realms Coin Art Contest

      1. Coin designs should be submitted in black and white only, and with lines sufficiently clear/bold enough to be used for token casting/stamping. When produced as a coin, black areas will be raised while white areas will be background. Please note that adjustments to the winning submission may be performed for the final version of the coin which is produced. (see style examples below)
      2. Please do not use A.I. art for any part of these submissions.
      3. Coin designs should include in small text somewhere on the coin in a manner similar to the existing Mythic Realms coin designs.
      4. Coin designs should support world-building for the Terath/Lairroth setting, and should make sense to have been around in game for a long time so that there isn’t a narrative problem with the coins being found in old tombs and lost dungeons. For example, possible themes might include the merchants of Akeron, the ancient Ethlin Empire (or the Ethlin Spire) of the elves, dwarven coinage from an age long forgotten, the viking-style Longships of Hadrianus, or the mysterious and blessed “Emperor of Rhoum”, and so on. Feel free to chat with the plot team about potential ideas if desired, and take a look at the World Library for inspiration.
      5. Each player is limited to a maximum of 3 submissions per person.
      6. The deadline for submissions is March 10th 2024. Designs should be submitted through the Google Form link (provided below) in order to allow the submissions to be anonymized before review & selection begins.

      Submitted designs will be reviewed and selected by the Mythic Realms Staff & Terath Plot teams, and members of those teams will be prohibited from voting for their own designs. The artist responsible for creating the single design which is selected will be awarded $75 in cash, and $75 in Mythic Credit.

      Sample Coin Art Style Examples


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