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      In the past Jareth was texting anyone who was interested about the events the day of as a reminder. If I set something like this up again would people be interested in receiving text messages?

      Some of the ideas that I had about it was:

      1. sending a message the day before.
      2. sending a message the morning of
      3. Including location of the event
      4. Including the price options for the event
      5. Having an emergency Mythic update list that you could opt in separately. For those time we have to change the event last minute because of mother nature.

      If there is enough of an interest I would be happy to set this up for people. Thoughts?


      Chris W

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          I think it’s a fantastic idea to encourage people to check our Twitter or Facebook, but not everyone will do so no matter how much you encourage them. I think having both as an option is necessary.



            I would like to be on an “Emergency change of Venue” texting list if one is made. I think location reminders and check-in times would also be nice to have texted out (Maybe an hour before Check-in begins for local events, and the prior evening for weekenders).


            Marley Sage

              Meh. The only real use I’ll get out of that is for emergency updates. FB on smart-phones, yo.

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                I do have a lot of numbers already from my phone but if you are unsure if I have your number you can text me at 801!856!0063. I will save it and text everyone on it if there is a change of location other such emergency notification.


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