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      February 29th, 224 PB

      As Winterfest celebrations accross Terath come to a close, news comes from Hadrianus claiming that rebel leader Ragnar Tallcastle has been captured by Clan Nightwolf. It is said that he was taken in the midst of a Winterfest celebration by a force comprised of Clan Nightwolf’s magically Sap-Enhanced warriors who were led by the Queen’s champion, Faerinel The Feared.

      They surrounded the town Ragnar was in, and rather than risk the lives of the non-combatants, the rebel instead chose to surrender himself to Faerinel. Many wonder if this means the end of the Hadrian rebellion against Queen Khadia of Hadrianus, as Ragnar Tallcastle had been the most prominent leader of rebellious forces due to the fact that many believed him to be he rightful champion of the King’s Moot.

      Perhaps more concerning from the west is fresh news that Queen Vivian of Ebrus has sought a Writ of War against Haven, a request which must be approved by High Queen Embla. Queen Vivian petitioned for the writ on the grounds that Akeron was brutally attacked by the forces of Haven. Ebran diplomats have insisted that the request for war is justified as Akeron is their closest ally, and the Akeronian dead cry for vengeance.

      Many hope that the High Queen will reject the Ebran request, but some have expressed concern that Ebrus might consider turning their mighty armed forces against The Queenslands should High Queen Embla refuse. This reaction, however, is considered to be an extremist anti-Ebran sentiment by many in power.

    Viewing 289 post (of 289 total)
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