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    September 12th, 220 PB

    The meeting of rulers has officially ended. Though many believed it would last longer, after only 3 weeks the High Queen brought the conference to a close with a statement that all agendas had been completed.

    While the majority of the conference was focused on Kingdom relations (trade agreements, resolution of boarder disputes, the failed increased tax to further fund the Rhouman Guard, etc.), there were some topics that the High Queen wished the other rulers to weigh in on prior to her making a decision.

    Most notable of these issues are the appointment of a new Steward of Rhoum, a new Master of the Abyss and new members of the organization known as the Teratian Vigil. While the High Queen asked for the opinions of those assembled, she made it clear that the final decision on the appointments were hers.

    Following custom, she has send a letter to the Emperor of Verath and requested that he giver her his blessing in filling the vacant appointment before formally announcing or appointing them.

Viewing 257 post (of 257 total)
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