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      September 12th, 220 PB

      The meeting of rulers has officially ended. Though many believed it would last longer, after only 3 weeks the High Queen brought the conference to a close with a statement that all agendas had been completed.

      While the majority of the conference was focused on Kingdom relations (trade agreements, resolution of boarder disputes, the failed increased tax to further fund the Rhouman Guard, etc.), there were some topics that the High Queen wished the other rulers to weigh in on prior to her making a decision.

      Most notable of these issues are the appointment of a new Steward of Rhoum, a new Master of the Abyss and new members of the organization known as the Teratian Vigil. While the High Queen asked for the opinions of those assembled, she made it clear that the final decision on the appointments were hers.

      Following custom, she has send a letter to the Emperor of Verath and requested that he giver her his blessing in filling the vacant appointment before formally announcing or appointing them.


        September 29th, 220 PB

        Word of another attack along the Ebran cost has started to spread. The small village attacked was not directly on the coast this time, but located in the hills not far from the sea.

        Once more, there were no reported survivors and only a few passed through the Circle of Life. The last thing they remember is that the morning fog had stayed longer than normal and was still thick in the air when they left home to feed their animals.

        With the news of this attack, Captain Kruek of Ebrus has issued a proclamation that those who shed Ebran blood will be brought to justice and it is only a matter of time before they are caught.


          October 14th, 220 PB

          A port town of Ebrus was burnt to the ground after an encounter with a group of bounty hunters and the Pirates of the “Black Anchor” had a run in. Rumors say that there was a botched attempt at collecting the bounty on the Pirates. In retaliation the Black Anchor set the town ablaze and ransacked several buildings leaving several dead.


            October 21st, 220 PB

            Throughout all of Terath it seems that tavern talk is dominated by the rumors and news from all across the continent.

            It has been announced that those who destroyed the 2 small Ebran coastal villages have been brought to justice, though not in a way anyone expected.

            Lord Knight Cadaeris announced that those slain in the attacks have been avenged and justice has been served. That the person who ordered the attacks had paid reparations to the families of the slain in gold and then was executed by the Lord Knight’s own blade.

            Rumor has it that the leader of those involved submitted themselves to Lord Knight Cadaeris, who then took them to the Queen for an audience. It is said that they spoke for many hours prior to the execution, leading many to believe that they were perhaps connected to something greater.

            Adding to the unrest in Ebrus are the reports from the Ebrus/Dragonheld boarder that there have been sightings of Dragons flying in the distance. Though the Dragons have been gone since the Pale War, no Ebran has forgotten the Draconic Domination. When Dragons descended upon Terath laying waste to the capital cities as a show of power.

            There are also reports that a number of Myzantian Mercenary companies have taken contracts in Ebrus. Though the presence of Myzantian mercenaries is a regular site throughout Terath, Ebrus is known for its military strength and typically doesn’t allow mercenaries to enter the Kingdom in large numbers.

            There is also talk the the King’s Moot in Hadrianus is coming to and end. Ragnar Tallcastle has won the support of clan Asketh. With both Ragnar and his primary competitor in the Moot (Khadia ‘Spite’ Eider of Clan Nightwolf) having the support of two clans each, the last clan to declare their support (and thus choose who will be the ruler) is Clan Boldir.

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              October 22nd, 220 PB

              Couriers of Clan Nightwolf have traveled to every capital city in Terath declaring an end to the King’s Moot. Khadia ‘Spite’ Eider of Clan Nightwolf has been declared the greatest champion of the Moot, and thus the new Queen of Hadrianus.

              The news came quickly after the elders of Clan Boldir announced that they would put their support behind clan Nightwolf, giving their champion the needed majority. In accordance with Hadrian custom, she has publicly stated that those who supported other champions may declare their support of Clan Nightwolf in order to bring unity to the Kingdom.

              Though many of those participating in the King’s Moot were not widely known outside of their Kingdom, many know that Clan Nightwolf is an aggressive clan and worry that a new period of barbarian raids may soon be coming.


                October 24th, 220 PB

                Though many had hoped that the King’s Moot would bring stability to Hadrianus, the rise of Queen Khadia ‘Spite’ Eider has sharply divided the country. Rather then wait for a traditional coronation event, the new Queen immediately took the throne.

                Many believe this is because of the numerous accusations that Clan Nightwolf found a way to coerce Clan Boldir into giving them their support. Though Clan Boldir has remained silent, rumors have started to circulate that many of the children of the clan leaders have not been seen recently, or some of the elders have taking ill with a mysterious malady.

                Though Clan Nightwolf is one of the more militaristic clans, their numbers would not be sufficient if a full blown Clan War began. Shortly after the new Queen was installed, the city of Vita was engulfed in a thick fog that came in from the sea. From the fog, emerged one of the Great Ships from legend. A ship capable of sailing across the deep sea (more commonly called the Grey Mountains).

                As the ship drew close to the docs, the new Queen and the leaders of Clan Nightwolf went to meet it. Many soldiers disembarked from the ship, and their leaders began working with Queen Eider and Clan Nightwolf to secure the city and the surrounding port towns.

                Once the city was under her control, martial law was declared with these mysterious soldiers acting as an extension of Clan Nightwolf.


                  November 10th, 220 PB

                  Word has spread that a number of civilian refugees fled from Hadrianus into Haven. In the weeks following the ascension of Queen Khadia ‘Spite’ Eider, civil unrest in Hadrianus has reached a boiling point. Large groups have formed and attempted to fight against the strange soldiers that now occupy Hadrianus.

                  The response of the soldiers was swift, and harsh. This has resulted in a number of refugees fleeing Hadrianus, fearing that they would be killed or placed into work camps. While some moved north into Chindius, the majority had to move south into Haven.

                  Though many believed they would be turned away at the boarder, Seneschal Celene ordered they be allowed to enter the kingdom. Many are surprised the order didn’t come directly from King Vol, and rumor has it that he left this decision to his Seneschal, removing himself from the situation.


                    November 27th, 220 PB

                    Word of a somewhat unusual mercenary contract has come out of Myzantius. Control of a section of Shadow Watch has been handed over as part of a long term contract. Specifically, the parts of Shadow Watch that oversee the primary pass through the mountains into Hadrianus.

                    It seems that this contract was worked out some weeks ago and became common knowledge when a group of Hadrian raiders were attempting to pass into Myzantius after raiding a number of Clan Nightwolf holdings. As they came into the pass they found that Shadow Watch was fully garrisoned by the strange soldiers that are aligned to Clan Nightwolf.

                    Though they question anyone moving through the pass, it seems that the raiding group were the only ones stopped and no one else has reported being turned away. Though these strange soldiers are the recipients of the contract, rumor has it that it was brokered by a wealthy Akeronian noble.


                      December 25th, 220 PB

                      Tensions between Westerland and Ebrus are on the rise as the year comes to a close. Though the two Kingdoms have historically been antagonistic to each other, King MuTt and Queen Falion had been working on improving the relationship the Kingdoms have.

                      It seems that this attitude of cooperation has ended, though it is not entirely clear why. Some say it is because effective as of the new year, Ebrus has cancelled a long term trade deal that was made with Westerland only a year ago. This deal granted Westerland mining rights in the mountains that make up the boarder between the two nations and are considered Ebran territory. The contract was originally created with a 10 year term and a clause to allow renegotiation after 5 years if certain minerals or gems were discovered in the course of normal mining operations.

                      Rumor has it that as an act of goodwill toward Westerland, the contract was created in such a way that there was no way to formally cancel it. This has caused somewhat of a stir as the official justification for the cancellation is that the terms of the contract state that it was created and was maintained by the spirit of cooperation between the two nations. As that spirit is no longer present, the contract is void.

                      Others believe that this shift is attitude is due to the internal politics of Westerland. A number of ranking military officials and Royal Knights of the King are planning on retiring in the coming year and the nobility of Westerland has started putting pressure on the King to appoint replacements who honor the Code of the Lightwalker rather than from the Black Knight order that King MuTt leads, the Order of the Dark Titan.

                      The move is not a surprising one considering Westerland’s history, though it seems that a number of Ebran Margraves have taken offence to the implication that those who follow the Code of the Nightwalker are not considered fit for command in Westerland.

                      These rumors have reached the High Queen’s court and it is said that King Vol has been asked to act as a mediator between the two Kingdoms and help them come to a peaceable resolution.

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                        December 31st, 220 PB


                        Rumors fly from the broken city that the Emperor of Verath has snubbed Queen Embla and refused all of the formal requests she made after the meeting of rulers in September. Many believe that part of the snub was how long the Emperor waited before answering, making it clear the High Queen is to subject to his whim and will, and all that it was sent by a messenger ordered to read his response aloud.

                        In response, many say that the High Queen ordered all present out of the reception hall after the messenger finished. When they were allowed back in, it is said that everything in the room was completely destroyed, and that the High Queen (a skilled martial artist and unarmed combatant) had lashed out in a fit of rage.

                        Adding to the scandal, it is said that the High Queen has called her most trusted advisors, Maria Pretia, King Vol, Lord Marshal Celestion and Queen Falion, and spoke of ignoring the Emperor and moving forward with the appointments. The argument being that asking for his blessing was little more than a formality, and as High Queen she could move forward as she saw fit.

                        This has caused sharp divides in many of the courts of Terath, with factions forming of those who believe Imperial tradition should be followed and those who believe that Terathian Sovereignty should be held to the utmost.

                        Grant M

                          November 26th, 221 PB

                          Stories and gossip have spread to taverns across Terath concerning Lamora Outpost. The members of the outpost have come into a windfall of money and supplies within the past couple of weeks. Some stories from Ebrus told of a secret backer ensuring their success. Others say they have found a hidden tomb or cache from ancient regimes. And a few whisper that they have received the support of the Queen of Ebrus herself. Where ever it came from, Lamora has been requesting improvements from skilled artisans to their armory and land that all would hesitate to pay.

                          Grant Martin
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                            April 1, 222 PB

                            The Winds of Change have come again.

                            While the the full extent of the changes wrought by these mysterious magiks has yet to be revealed, there are some magics that have clearly changed. Healing magics have once more shifted. With the ability to cast the most powerful of healing spells, Restore Your Spirit, becoming easier to cast than it has been in recent memory (though many scholars and mages believe the changes to healing magic began prior to the Winds of Change).

                            Whatever the case may be, there is an air of anticipation. As if the changes have not fully set in. With this uncertainty, the people of Lairroth and Terath can only wait to see what the future holds.


                              August 12th, 222 PB

                              Rumors in Hadrianus are circulating about a large amount of hostages being located in the palace of Vita. Many people that have been sitting by are outraged at this and a gathering to denounce the queen is in discussion. Many smaller resistance groups are taking this information and surge to heart and are beginning to cause more disturbances in the countryside.

                              Near the Gladelands and other major fey populations, complaints of people disappearing have become more common. People speak of dark shapes with red eyes slinking nearby. So far all of the disappearances have only been fey.

                              A noticeable number of ships have reported seeing a tattered galleon roaming the seas filled with scrambling shapes. One boat even sent a dingy over to investigate. The captain stated that as soon as it got close, shapes flung themselves from the sales in and onto the dingy all aboard the small ship were attacked and then slowly got back up to join the crew of the broken vessel. Vessels have been advised to avoid these ships, though a sizable bounty for the head of the captain of that helms it is being coordinated by a merchant family in Acheron.


                                September 20th, 222 PB

                                The start of autumn brings word of a rising number of violent raids occurring in the southern kingdoms of Terath. Raiders from the Kingdom of Hadrianus have been seen in numerous small bands venturing forth in raids against their own countrymen in Hadrian villages near Vallis Bay, and then venturing deeper into the old southwatch territories of western Hadrianus for better plunder.

                                And while skirmishes between Hadrian Raiders and Myzentian Mercenaries are famously common in the spring, the raiders roaming the lands now seem better equipped than ever, and are picking new targets.

                                Political tensions between Haven and Hadrianus are already high, and many remember how the old southwatch territories that now form the western expanse of Hadrianus previously belonged to the Kingdom of Haven less than a score of years ago, before The War of Kings. Ambassadors from Haven have already denounced what they see as brutish assaults against the peoples of the southwatch territories, and yet the passing weeks have only seemed to embolden the barbaric raiders, seeing them gather in larger numbers to send minor fleets of well-armed attackers bringing fire and steel against settlements along the southern shores of The Kingdom of Haven.

                                It is said that the King of Haven has sent messengers to the great Clan Nightwolf as well as to other Jarls & Hauldrs in Hadrianus with appeals to punish these raiders and halt the attacks, but if such cries were made, they seem to have fallen on deaf ears.


                                  October 13th, 222 PB

                                  Tavern talk is dominated by word that King Galathule has sent knights and soldiers across the southern border into Haven. Their mission, to support the people of Haven against the numerous raids lead by the Nightwolf clan of Hadrianus.

                                  Led by Prince Eric and Captain Boji Smash, rumor has it that the Falconcrest forces have been ordered to fortify the border between Hadrianus and Haven and patrol some of the coastal regions. In addition to sending soldiers, the King sent a formal complaint to the court of the High Queen, and to Khadia ‘Spite’ Eider of Hadrianus.

                                  Though the contents of the letters have not been publicly circulated, rumor has it that he demands Queen Eider force Clan Nightwolf to cease their raids against the people of Haven and punish the leadership of the clan responsible for organizing them.

                                  There has been no word yet how the High Queen (who was born and raised in Hadrianus) has responded, and many believe that Queen Eider will take no action. Though the people of Falconcrest are leery at the prospect of war, they are ready to defend their southern allies.


                                    February 2nd, 223 PB

                                    The normal joviality of Winterfest was interrupted by reports that Falconcrest had sent soldiers to take a keep located in Myzantius. King Akida decried the attack as a reckless act of war, but that he would not escalate the tensions. Instead, he would take to the issue to High Queen. In response to the event, the High Queen issued the following proclamation:

                                    Leaders & Citizens of Terath,

                                    I, Embla Vanir, High Queen of Terath, Most Serene Highness, Regina of The Lands and Air, do hereby declare my commitment to preserving the autonomy and independence of all kingdoms within Terath.

                                    Soldiers and Agents of King Gilrandir Galithule and the Kingdom of Falconcrest must respect and abide by the sovereignty of any and all Kingdoms of Terath.

                                    By Royal Decree from Her Majesty, Embla Vanir, High Queen of Terath, Most Serene Highness, Regina of The Lands and Air –

                                    Lord Vorhil’il Celestion, Grand Marshall of Rhoum, by my authority shall lead the greatest of the Empire’s soldiers, to execute my will. As defenders of justice, we shall not stand idly by. We have gathered our armies, sharpened our swords, and are prepared to do whatever is required to ensure peace and stability exists throughout Terath. Until further notice we shall mobilize forces under my banner in preparation to enforce my will, by strength of arms if required.

                                    By The Will of The Crown, So Shall It Be.
                                    Embla Vanir,
                                    High Queen of Terath

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