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      September 4th, 219 PB

      Political tensions are on the rise in the south-western corner of Terath, due to a growing conflict between the Barbarians of Hadrianus and the residents of the city of Briseus in Akeron. At some point during the last few days, a brutal and violent raid is said to have been carried out against one of the coin vaults belonging to the Banking House of Caulder & Scale in Akeron’s capital city.

      Rumors have been flowing along the merchant channels out of Akeron, claiming that the deadly assault against the bank was executed by barbarians from Clan Night Wolf of Hadrianus, one of the Five Great Clans of the wild kingdom. Other rumors, however, suggest that the raid may have actually been the work of the surviving Storm Wolves, most of whom are believed to have been slain in the recent battle against the servants of Tal Sigor. Regardless of who was actually responsible for the raid, all rumors seem to agree that the motivation behind the assault was somehow tied to the King’s Moot in Hadrianus.

      The spreading tales claim that the violent raid was botched, and that it quickly turned into a bloodbath, as lethal violence spilled out onto the city streets. It is rumored that a Lord of Akeron’s Open Council was slain, and making matters worse, it seems that visiting diplomats from Ebrus and Haven also happened to be present within the bank during the raid, some of whom are believed to have been slaughtered when the attempted theft turned murderous.


        September 15th, 219 PB

        The great King’s Moot taking place within Hadrianus is now moving at full speed. Jarls, Lords, and warriors from all walks of Hadrian life are competing and trying to prove their worthiness over others to be the new monarch.

        Though the people of Terath who live outside of Hadrianus don’t pay too much attention to the Moot, stories have spread of discord within the Synod concerning who is allowed to participate.

        Nassir Thane, son of King Sylus Thane of Nadrak received approval from Clan Vanir to participate in the Kings Moot as a member of their clan but was denied entry into the Moot by the other clans. Though his father was once the ruler of Hadrianus and the elder brother to High Queen Embla, the other members of the Synod declared he is not eligible to participate.

        The Synod released the following statement to the people of Hadrianus concerning this matter:

        All of Hadrianus remembers, celebrates and honors the rule of Elar Vanir. When he was lost at sea, all Hadrian’s mourned his loss. The five great clans were overjoyed to learn that he survived, and his tale should be sung and celebrated.

        He washed ashore in the Lairrothian kingdom of Nadrak, with no memory wo who he was. Living a simple life, until war came to his door. Though he could not remember his heritage, his bloodline would not be denied and his combat prowess returned to him as he fought. He rose through the ranks and become the King of Nadrak.

        During a magical catastrophe that took place in Lairroth called the Chronophage, his memory returned to him as he participated in the casting of great rituals to try and save his people. He was forced to make a decision. Who was he? Was he Elar Vanir, the lost King of Hadrianus? Or was he Sylus ‘the Bloodless’ Thane, King of Nadrak.

        Though it pained him, he chose to remain Sylus Thane. He revealed himself to High Queen Embla and to the Synod during the war against Typhon. Sending aid to our Kingdom in a time of great need. While he will be forever remembered for his deeds as King of Hadrianus, and while he is an ally of our Kingdom, he made the decision that Elar Vanir was dead, and he is Sylus Thane, King of Nadrak.

        The Synod will not dishonor this decision. Though we are allies, we cannot allow outsiders to participate in the Moot regardless of where they are from.

        Khadia ‘Spite’ Eider of Clan Night Wolf
        Ordune ‘Thunderhead’ Sigurd of Clan Sigurd
        Olaf ‘White-Eye’ Rond of Clan Asketh
        Munin ‘Mire’ Algood of Clan Boldir

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          September 21st, 219 PB

          Trouble has been brewing this month around the Bay of Hope, which lies between Haven and Akeron.

          In the Akeronian Capital of Briseus, outrage against the barbarians that attempted to raid the Banking House of Caulder & Scale earlier this month has only grown more dire. The people of Briseus City are furious at the rampant slaughter, and many have begun to blame the barbaric Hadrians for all manner of social ills. Diplomatic calls to action have been sent to Akeron from Ebrus, demanding justice or even vengeance for those Ebrans who were slain during the attempted raid.

          To make matters more tense, at least one diplomat from Ebrus has supposedly threatened to end certain trade arrangements with Akeron unless the nobles of Briseus undertake immediate efforts to reduce savage crime and clean up their city.

          In response, the city watch in Briseus has been hard at work rounding up any & all barbarians found within the city, shackling them, forcing them onto ships so that they might be deported across the Bay of Hope, out of Akeron and into the Kingdom of Haven. It is said that an Ebran Diplomat, Counsellor Orso, has come to personally oversee this effort. It is widely known that Counsellor Orso’s wife was murdered during the attempted raid, and that he has every intention of making sure that no similar fate can befall other Ebrans who visit the city.


            October 2nd, 219 PB

            Dark tidings come from the Bay of Hope in southern Terath, which lies between the Xelaque Kingdom of Haven and the Merchant Kingdom of Akeron. Recent violent troubles in the Akeronian Capital of Briseus had resulted in the Briseus City Watch imprisoning a vast number of barbarians still remaining within the city limits, with the aim of expelling the blood-thirsty savages from their lands.

            It is said that gatherings of commoners in Briseus, as well as a handful of akeronian nobles, cried out against the imprisonment & deportation of so many barbarian men, women, & children. And yet their voices were drowned out by the fury of the populace at large, and by the political pressure from Counsellor Orso of Ebrus.

            Many barbarians had already fled Briseus in recent weeks, but those who had been captured were loaded en masse onto a fleet of barges and other shipping vessels, so that they could be taken to the eastern shore of the Bay of Hope, and forcefully deported into the Kingdom of Haven. Yet when the Akeronian fleet sailed across the Bay of Hope, they found themselves confronted by a blockade of ships from Haven, which refused to allow the Akeronians to unleash a horde of desperate & hungry barbarians into their kingdom. Representatives from Haven urged the Akeronians to either let the prisoners return to their lives in Briseus, or to care for them until ships from Hadrianus were sent to take the Barbarians back to their mother country.

            Prevented from completing their deportation of the Barbarians into the Kingdom of Haven, and in the face of demands from Counsellor Orso of Ebrus, the Akeronians instead chose to deport the savages directly into the Bay of Hope. Scores of Barbarians were thrown overboard, some still wearing shackles. Conflicting reports from witnesses claim that a small number may have been able to swim to shore, while others may potentially have been rescued by the crews of nearby sailing vessels, but the vast majority of those thrown overboard surely drowned.

            Word of outrage within the barbaric land of Hadrianus has already begun to spread, with some rumors indicating that barbarian raiders from Great Clan Sigurd have already set sail, planning to target Akeronian merchant vessels as an act of vengeance. Meanwhile, a small group of healers known as The Order of Light have offered sanctuary to any survivors seeking shelter or healing.

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              November 15th, 219 PB

              Gossip abounds regarding a private meeting which recently took place in Briseus City, the capital of the southern merchant kingdom of Akeron. The royal court of King Jezal Briseus was visited by the Hadrian war-hero Whirren ‘Irontooth’ Hail, a Hauldr of Clan Night Wolf, and an appointed Voice of The Synod of Five of Hadrianus. In a public audience with the king, Irontooth spoke of the blood shed by his clansmen during the recent failed raid against the Banking House of Caulder & Scale. And yet his words were not apologetic, but supposedly laced with subtle threats. Rumors claim that Irontooth went so far as to say that the raid & subsequent slaughter would have been seen as regrettable, save for the murderous actions of the Akeronians upon the Bay of Hope, which may have revealed to all of Terath that perhaps the people of Briseus city are in fact deserving of the pain which was dealt to them.

              The Voice of The Synod of Five then made it clear that the purpose of his visit was to stand before the leaders of Akeron, to give them a chance to speak before the Synod of Five made their decision as to how they must respond to the ruthless murder of their kin. This initial audience was quickly followed by a summoning of the Akeronian Closed Council of Nobles, and most of what transpired within that meeting currently remains a mystery. However, some unverified rumors also claim that the Ebran Counsellor Orso stormed into the Closed Council meeting uninvited, bringing the militant fury of Ebrus with him.


                January 20th, 220 PB

                With the coming of the new year, the great Kings Moot of Hadrianus has formally begun. Each of the great clans putting forth their champions in a bid to take the crown.

                Each of the great clans will choose a great feat that the champions must accomplish in order to gain their approval.

                Clan Sigurd has announced that their feat is one of defense
                Clan Asketh has announced that their feat is one of survival
                Clan Boldir has announced that their feat is one of wisdom
                Clan Vanir has announced that their feat is one of creation
                Clan Night Wolf has announced that their feat is one of cunning

                Though there is no set deadline for the feats to be accomplished, historically the great clans have not looked favorably on those who dawdle.


                  January 27th, 220 PB

                  Stories fly from Hadrianus that the great Vampire Lord, Teradon Nos Talonos, was caught by the champion representing Clan Sigurd in the act of stealing a relic from the clan.

                  The champion, Illidor ‘Pale-As-Ice’ Brint, was the favored champion of the clan and their top candidate for the Moot.

                  It is said that he put forth a noble effort, but was no match for the undead terror that is Nos Talonos and he died the final death.

                  Though the Vampire escaped with the relic, he made clear that he acted not of his own accord. While the leaders of the clan are said to know who commanded the vampire, they have yet to disclose the information.

                  This has led many to speculate at who could command such a powerful undead creature.

                  Further adding to the confusion, with the death of their favored champion it is said that the leaders of Clan Siguard have put their support behind Khadia ‘Spite’ Eider of Clan Nightwolf.


                    February 29th, 220 PB

                    As Terath closes its Winterfest revelries, news has come from Hadrianus that Ragnar Tallcasle, a contender for the crown in the great King’s Moot has won the support of one of the great clans, Clan Vanir.

                    This comes to the surprise of many both within and without of Hadrianus. Though he is regarded highly by the people and considered a hero by them, few believed he would be able to win the support of any of the Great Clans.

                    Though two of the five great clans have now declared their support for a champion, the great King’s Moot has just begun. With the support of three clans needed to be considered the victor, the future of Hadrianus is still very uncertain.


                      March 20, 220 PB

                      As spring begins to blossom in Terath, the military of Ebrus is already leaping into action with training drills, inventory checks, and troop adjustments. Rumor has it that the reason behind this ramping up of activity is related to reports of similar preparations taking place in the northern deserts of Narovo.

                      It is said that the Parthan Pride Lord FireFoot has been quietly training an elite fighting force of warriors, and now speculation seems to indicate that these efforts may very well be related to large-scale raids that could be executed against Northern Ebrus in the coming months.

                      Various military experts throughout Terath have commented that such an attack would be unlikely, especially because the Parthan Raiders would need to pass a number of tempting (and perhaps less defended) targets in the Queen’s Lands in order to reach the borders of Ebrus. While others suggest that the raiders from Narovo could hide immense numbers of battle-tested fighters in the foothills at the edge of DragonHeld as they made their way towards wealthy targets near Falion, the Ebran Capital City.


                      There is little doubt that the Ebran Military is currently the largest in Terath, but if they do end up moving additional troops into their northern territories to prepare for potential large-scale raids, doing so will force Ebrus to draw strength away from other regions, potentially weakening the defenses on their western coastline or southern borders. In a time of peace, this might not be a great concern, but it is said that Counselor Orso of Ebrus is still pushing for some kind of aggressive retaliation against the barbaric kingdom of Hadrianus. If such retaliation is delivered, then Ebrus could end up facing devastating Hadrian raids in reprisal, with fighting on multiple fronts by the time summer arrives.


                        March 30th, 220 PB

                        There is a hint of magic upon the air, and powerful gusts seem to leave behind a scent or taste in the air which is impossible to describe, and yet, seems familiar somehow. A strange breeze carries with it a spark of power which every creature can sense. There can be no doubt, these are the Winds of Change.

                        With the recent weakening of powerful Mystic healing spells, scholars and healers in every corner of the land seem to watch with baited breath, hoping that perhaps that the lost power will be renewed by the Winds. Amid the tumult, spellcasters in the Mages Guild of Falconcrest have begun to spread words of warning, advising those who listen to be cautious with the use of magic while the Winds of Change continue to blanket the land. Reports indicate that this year the Winds are making the art of spellcasting even more volatile and difficult to control, resulting in no small number of injuries. To some, this wild shifting of magical energies is perhaps unsurprising, as even ancient artifacts and elder powers are not immune to the Winds. Although it is said that treasure-hunters and other collectors of enchanted trinkets may have discovered a way to protect their valuable magical relics from undergoing potentially negative transformation through the application of rare Null-Magic Amethyst, though the specific details of this process are not widely known.

                        Meanwhile, the beginning signs of a panic has begun to spread among the elves in the Ethlin Isles, as rumors take root indicating that a vast army of Barbarian raiders from the southeastern kingdom of Hadrianus have already set sail, supposedly setting their sights on claiming elven treasures from the Ethlin shores during this brief window of magical instability caused by the Winds of Change. Some tavern-gossip even goes so far as to claim that the Royal Navy of Hadrianus has been called upon to join the raid against the Ethlin Isles, but the leaders in Hadrianus dispute these rumors of a great raid altogether, claiming that no such great fleet has gathered or set sail.


                          April 16th, 220 PB

                          Word has spread throughout Terath that High Queen Embla has begun preparations to host a meeting of the rulers of Terath. Though specific details have yet to be confirmed, it is said that she has ordered an extensive remodeling of one of the great rooms within the palace of the Broken City.

                          Though the official purpose of the meeting has yet to be announced, speculation has already started to run wild. There are some that speculate that a major shake up in the structure of Terath is come, and others fear that there is a new threat on the horizon she seeks to prepare for.


                            June 24, 220 PB

                            A series of disturbing events have been erupting all over Terath as a figment seems to harass various groups and individuals.

                            A dark shadow has been seen fleeing from the broken city as a series of fires begin to ravage the farms around it.

                            The Mages and Healers Guild in Adwyne’s crossing reports having entire cart fulls of supplies being stolen in the night by a dark figure with shadowy wings.

                            One of the merchant families of Acheron had it third in line assassinated by a similar figure as he was traveling through Falconcrest being guarded by the Falconcrest Mercenaries guild. The mercenaries say as the alarm was being sounded a cackle was heard and a dark shape with gleaming white teeth and dark fangs could be seen fleeing the camp site.

                            One of the Rune Weaver Sanctums had a series of violent conflicts amongst themselves as some warding that was being used to suppress some sort of fury magic was scratched out and destroyed. The same claw marks in the runes left odd shadowy depressions in them.

                            A list of some of the more secret members of the house of cards has rained down from the skies in Falion city driving more than one person into hiding. A key note is that the wife of Count Charles disappeared as it is revealed she was an undercover agent. Stories state seeing a dark figure throwing the papers down as it flew overhead.

                            A cry has gone out to find out the perpetrator as who knows what will occur next.

                            Word has come out of Hadrianus that Clan Nightwolf has succeed in claiming victory for both the Feat of Defense (decided by clan Sigurd) and the Feat of Cunning (their own clan’s trial). This was accomplished by them luring enemies of Hadianus into a trap and taking them captive.
                            Clan Nightworlf asserts that the enemies they have captured are composed of two parts.

                            The first are agents from other Terathian Kingdoms, seeking to interfere with the King’s Moot. With the second consisting monstrous forces sent by the other Kingdoms to weaken their proud kingdom. These monsters, Clan Nightwolf has declared, are Gargoyles normally found in the deep deserts of Narovoo. Brought south by the enemies of their proud kingdom who grow afraid of a strong ruler being appointed.

                            They then declared their own Clan as the winner of the great Feat of Cunning for the traps they laid to capture the monstrous Gargoyles and foreign agents. It is said that the elders of Clan Sigurd spoke with the captives and determined that clan Nightwolf’s claims are true.
                            Shortly thereafter they declared that these actions satisfied the requirements for the Feat of Defense and named Nightwolf worthy of this victory.
                            With these victories, Clan Nightwolf draws ever closer to victory of the Moot. Close enough that it is said that last undecided clans, Clan Boldir and Clan Asketh, have started to court Nightwolf’s favor.


                              July 15th, 220 PB

                              Tavern talk is dominated by news that the High Queen has called for a meeting of the rulers of Terath to take place in the Broken City. While there has been no announcement of what will be discussed, it is said the the meeting could last weeks. With each ruler being encouraged to prepare to govern their nations from the Broken City for this time.

                              Such a meeting has not been held since the days of High Queen Octavia, who called a meeting that was said to have lasted for the better part of two months with the then rulers of Terath.

                              Adding fuel to the fires of speculation is that each of the rulers has been asked to bring their magical advisors with them as their expertise will be needed for some of the discussions.

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                                August 20th, 220 PB

                                The gathering of rulers has begun in earnest in the Broken City. Rulers from each Kingdom of Terath have gathered in the Broken City with their retinues, and it is said that the meeting could last many weeks.

                                While most of the topics of discussion have to do with trade between the different Kingdoms, it seems that the High Queen will also talk about a potential increase in the tax that funds the Rhoman Guard, the strange and secretive group known as the Terathian Vigil, and the filling of vacant titles.

                                Though it is no surprise that she would speak of appointing a new Steward of Rhoum (as Steward Xefrom has been missing since last summer), the announcement that she is considering appointing a new Grand Master of the Abyss has unsettled many. This position hasn’t been filled since Baron Nesulthe Medivah was killed by the One during the war against the Forsaken ion the days of High Queen Octavia.

                                It is said that when she announced that she was considering filling the position, the rulers were divided. King Galathule and Sage Reginald Manyhome of Falconcrest both gave moving and impassioned speeches on the dangers of Abyssal Magic, and that it is better to allow no one to study it in light of its corrupting influence.

                                Dulcimere Mendax (who accompanied Queen Fallion as her Magical Advisor) agreed that Abyssal Magic was indeed dangerous, and that is why a Grand Master of the Abyss is needed. For to combat Abyssal Magic it must be understood. He ended his own speech saying that he would be willing to advise, support and guide whoever the High Queen chose to appoint.


                                  August 25th, 220 PB

                                  The following proclamation can be found throughout Falconcrest:

                                  People of Falconcrest,

                                  Since the founding of our Kingdom, the Range Guard have stood as protectors of our people. These men and woman have selflessly worked for the common good at much risk to themselves. To these men and women of the Range Guard, we offer our thanks and gratitude. I offer my personal thanks, as does his majesty King Galathule.

                                  Over the past year the Range Guard has grown in number and in skill thanks to the diligent efforts of our citizenry. A special thanks to the loyal citizens who live and adventure in the Northwatch outpost. They gave much of the time and resources to help recruit, equip, and train new members to the Range Guard.

                                  With this growth though came new challenges. The organization of the Range Guard had to be rethought to ensure that this growth could be supported. As part of that growth, I am please to announce that Captain Nael Graystone has been promoted to the new rank of Marshal of the Range Guard. He was chosen by his fellow Captains to fill this role, and we have every confidence in him.

                                  Aside from this new rank, the way the Range Guard operates will not change. The Captains will continue to manage the members of the Range Guard under them and they will remain separate from the military.

                                  Honor Above All,
                                  Prince Erik Falconcrest

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                                    September 3rd, 220 PB

                                    Worrying stories of increased pirate activity has started to circulate around the coastal cities of Terath. A small fishing village on the Ebran coast is said to have been completely wiped out.

                                    The initial reports are said to have come from an Akeronian merchant on their way to purchase fish from the small village. They came upon the burned remains and quickly left as they were unsure if the attackers had remained.

                                    The rumors say there were no survivors and only a few passed through the Circle of Life. Of them, one remembered. They were in their home preparing for the days fishing when they started to hear the sounds of battle. The morning fog had stayed longer than normal and was still thick in the air so they didn’t see the attack coming. Their home was burned down before they could escape it.

                                    Many fear that the pirates known as The Fangs of The Dragon are responsible. Attacking the village so they could stock up on the supplies needed for a long campaign of raids.

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