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    June 14th, 217 PB

    In the Kingdom of Chindius, news has begun to spread regarding the establishment of a raider’s outpost in the northern forest. Raiders from the LittleFish Parthan Pride of Narovo had slaughtered the entire population of a small thorpe in Northern Chindius, and it seems that they have transformed the former village into a fortified encampment from which they have begun to launch a continuing series of raids. The meager Chindian Military is currently pressed with efforts to fight back an ever growing tide of monstrous threats, and had already dispatched soldiers to repel raiders from Hadrianus in the south. As such, it seems likely that many weeks will pass before the military is able to mobilize an organized force against the LittleFish Pride. Meanwhile, speculation continues to suggest that the LittleFish Raiders are acting under the express command of PrideLord Firefoot of Narovo, although no specific evidence has been provided which would corroborate this belief.

    News of an even more concerning nature has begun to trickle out of Ebrus and Haven, as the Wizardly Xelaque King of Haven has boldly claimed responsibility for a direct attack which his agents executed against an Ebrus Military research facility. Ambassadors and nobles in the Broken City of the QueensLands have begun to circulate a statement from King Vol which proclaims that he personally ordered the attack as a proportionate response to the covert Ebran assault on a similar alchemical research sanctum in Haven during the prior month. King Vol’s proclamation includes a demand that King West of Ebrus immediately cease all covert operations in Haven, but the outraged reaction from Ebran Military officers suggest that this reprisal is more likely to fan the flames of conflict rather than quell them. Many are waiting with baited breath to see if Dulcimere Mendax will involve himself, as rumors suggest that this particular Ebran Research Facility was home to a number of Mendax’s own personal projects.


    July 10th, 217 PB

    Rumors abound regarding an Artifact that has been discovered in the Kingdom of Falconcrest. Stories claim that it is a magical crystalline weapon which the military of Chindius plans to claim and use in order to exterminate the vicious Parthan raiders which have so frequently assaulted their common-folk of late. It is said that High Queen Embla has implored Pridelord Firefoot of Narovo to restrain his people from such acts of violence, but the Pridelord has publicly declared that the Parthan of Narovo are encouraged to seek their own rewards and suffer their own consequences as free people in such matters.

    In response to Firefoot’s statement, Princess Yasmine Pretia of House Creon has offered a bounty in Chindius to the first Myzentian Mercenary Company that brings her the obliterated corpse of the chieftain of any of the following Prides – the LittleFish Pride, the BlackClaw Pride, The Nassar Pride, the Slitherfoot Pride, and the Basara’Raj Pride. These are all of the Prides that are known to have participated in raids on Chindian soil during the last year. Word has it that the bounty is to be paid both in coin and in the awarding of a lucrative mercenary contract.

    Meanwhile, a deadly Plague continues to cripple the people of Citadel City in Falconcrest, proving to be resistant to most cures and remedies. Many citizens of Falconcrest have been heard blaming King Dulcimere Mendax and Margrave Thrull for the rise of the plague, which began immediately after the border negotiations with Ebrus failed. In fact, Queen Natasha of Falconcrest has even been heard calling the sickness “The Dulcemic Plague”. But contrary gossip has been heard as well, as members of the Argent Tide suggest that the undead mummy known as Ir’rithna may be responsible for the plague. Soldiers of The Argent Tide have been heard claiming that the mummy has reportedly been researching ways to create a vastly more powerful version of a Plagued One, which has been referred to as an Undead Plague Lord.

    Tragically, victims of the Dulcemic Plague have been seen suffering from fever and chills, as well as abdominal pain, diarrhea, and vomiting. And much worse, the terminally ill are often seen bleeding from various orifices or even bleeding under their skin in the moments prior to death. King Dulcimere Mendax has not responded to the accusations which claim that he is the source of the disease. Instead, he is rumored to have issued a polite request to King Vol of Haven, asking that King Vol return the alchemical equipment and components that were taken by King Vol’s agents during a recent raid on an Ebran military Research Facility, as some of the equipment belonged to King Mendax personally.

    Lastly, stories have begun to spread regarding the discovery of a halfling corpse in the sewers of the Broken City in the Queen’s Lands which seems to have been slain by the dreaded “Mists of Rhoum”. Concerned whispers have been heard in the lower streets of the Broken City, but as of yet, there have been no confirmed sightings of the fatal mist within the Broken City. Even so, frightened whispers can be heard on many street corners as people speculate whether or not escape from the city would be possible if the “Mists of Rhoum” began to rise.


    July 13th, 217 PB

    As Terath citizens whisper, quietly point and talk of their disdain for all of those that have a black teardrop on their face. The connection has slowly become apparent that those who has recently cast necromancy now show a clear proof of their actions. With no word from the High Queen either direction, each kingdom within her domain has taken their own stance. Most condemn the actions of those with a mark, while Ebrus has taken personal affront as this has hobbled large parts of their army. With worries that the marks may have greater effect than those currently known. Many people of the courts whisper how Falconcrest is the cause of these black marks so that they may clearly mark all those whom cast necromancy to be punished. With the tension so high between Ebrus and Falconcrest as it is many believe that it will take only one more thing to strike a war between the two countries.

    Rumors fly through the country of Akeron about large pockets of citizens within having at least one black mark if not more. There is talk of people disappearing when they spend too much time near any of these groups. Little is known about them except many of them where the symbol of a raven atop a skull.

    With all the chaos in the world, the Black Forests of Haven had been a bastion of quiet. The necromancy seemed to be contain for a while, or even to some say to have abated a little. Recently a surge of power of the necromancy has come back, as if there was a dam keeping it back and suddenly it flowed forth. Reports are coming from the Rhouman Guard how the forest’s necromancy blight grew but does not seem to be currently growing. The Forests in Haven seem to be no longer a liable source of lumber for Terath.

    In small towns and the back of taverns there have been whispers of Witches and Warlocks acting strange and violent. Rumors have begun to spread about how a Warlock will have their eyes roll back into their head and lash out in violence killing a whole small town in Hadrinius. Other say that they get a wicked grin on their face and call upon the power of their patron and brew a crater in a town killing everyone who was too close, maiming many others. Many have been more wary of those openly declared Witch or Warlock and giving them dirty looks.


    July 28th, 217 PB

    During the past few weeks there has been a slow mustering of military power occurring within the borders of Ebrus. Led by Captain Kruek of Ebrus, this gathering of soldiers did not initially seem be directed towards any specific deployment strategy, but rather seemed to be tactic of intimidation aimed towards the kingdoms of Haven and Falconcrest.

    However, some have begun to speculate that Ebrus is truly preparing for war, as word begins to spread of a small scale attack upon the Kingdom of Haven, led by none-other than the Ebran Black Knight Commander Lord Knight Cadaeris. Soldiers and mercenaries have begun to tell tales about the force of Black Knights which crept south in the dead of night, performing a raid which resulted in the fiery destruction of a garden compound in Haven that had focused on researching ways to cultivate Blessed Sufly Leaf in a controlled environment.

    King Vol has quietly spoken of the incident with his allies and his top-ranking military officers, but has yet to declare any intentions to strike back at Ebrus for their actions. Even so, the loss of such a facility must come at a great cost, for many had hoped that the Blessed Sufly Leaf would be of use in cleansing the necromantic corruption from the Vast Forest of Haven.

    One matter on which King Vol has not remained silent, however, is what was uncovered during Haven’s strike against Ebrus back in Mid-June. Agents of Haven had executed an assault against an Ebrus Military research facility where Ebran Artificers and engineers were researching new weapons of war. Now, it has come to light that at least a portion of the research taking place within that Ebran Facility had been focused on the development of diseased weaponry, included research which was aimed at unleashing some kind of plague.

    After King Dulcimere Mendax’s previous admission that he had been personally involved in the Ebran research at that facility, it seems that the rumors of his guilt in engineering the outbreak of the “Dulcemic Plague” have finally been confirmed.

    Unsurprisingly, recent gossip suggests that King Gilrandir of Falconcrest and and King Vol of Haven have begun to discuss the formation of a Military Alliance against the Kingdom of Ebrus.


    August 19th, 217 PB

    News from the east claims that dozens of mercenary bands fromo Myzentius have responded to Princess Yasmine Pretia’s bounty with unexpected zeal.

    In July, the Princess offered a bounty in Chindius to the first Myzentian Mercenary Company that brought her the obliterated corpse of the chieftain of any of the following Prides – the LittleFish Pride, the BlackClaw Pride, The Nassar Pride, the Slitherfoot Pride, and the Basara’Raj Pride. These are all of the Prides that were believed to have participated in raids on Chindian soil during the past year.

    Princess Yasmine’s proclamation had indicated that the bounty would be paid both in coin and in the awarding of a lucrative mercenary contract, but wild unsubstantiated gossip has also suggested that a betrothal to one of the royal children of Chindius was also on the table as a possible reward.

    The result is that it has become open hunting season on the Parthan Prides of Narovo. Hundreds of mercenaries have traveled north to Narovo, engaging in dozens of skirmishes with various Parthan Prides. The Parthan of Narovo have reacted to this sudden assault with either outrage or cries for vengeance. And while it is rumored that the Chiefs of the LittleFish Pride and the Basara’Raj Pride were each slain in battle, they are believed to have returned through the Circle of Life. As such, the hunt continues, and Yasmine Pretia’s prize remains unclaimed.

    Many nobles within the kingdom of Chindius seem to believe that Princess Yasmine has gone too far, urging her to bring an end to this hunt lest she cause a war to break out between Chindius and Narovo.


    September 30th, 217 PB

    The courtiers of southern Terath have begun to whisper of a mass arrest in the Xelaque Kingdom of Haven. The Dark Elf King is rumored to have ordered the arrest of over two score Ebran Citizens who were visiting or living in Haven. These Ebrans, many of which were traveling merchants, have supposedly been taken in for questioning, although gossip suggests that King Vol has arranged for a painful fate to await these new prisoners.

    The rumors come on the heels of an announcement from Haven which claims that King Vol’s Royal Elite recently discovered and captured an Ebran Infiltrator in the royal palace. In the aftermath of the Ebran attack against Haven’s Mystic Arboretum, this discovery has incited suspicions of Ebran plans for a potential assassination attempt against the Dark Elf King.

    The announcement from Haven also proclaimed that the Kingdom of Haven has halted nearly all trade with the Kingdom of Ebrus, effective immediately. In his proclamation, the Dark Elf King has demanded that the leader of the Black Knights of Ebrus, Lord Knight Cadaeris, be delivered to the King Vol’s Royal Elite for execution before the trade embargo will be lifted.

    In the wake of this news, the infamous Dreadlord, Margrave Hestrid of Ebrus, has opened negotiations with the King Jezel Brisseus of Akeron. The Trade Embargo set by King Vol of Haven has interrupted vital trade with the Merchant Kingdom of Akeron, and as such, it seems likely that King Jezel may very well grant the Ebran Army permission to march their soldiers south across the lands of Akeron, allowing King West of Haven to send his forces to a prime location for an invasion of the Xelaque lands.

    Amid these rising tensions, High Queen Embla has sent forth her emissaries in an attempt to push for diplomatic discussion rather than bloodshed, but many wonder if this call for peace comes too late.


    Reports have come from the villages near The Ruins of Ku’vahl, claiming that dark clouds can be seen all across the horizon. They hang amongst the far-off, southern range of the mountains that border Ku’vhal. Smoke clouds muck up and ooze through the winter air. Those who approach the smoke, soon find themselves covered in ash.

    Talk has quickly spread that half a dozen small agricultural villages have been burned to the ground. Attacked! Farmers, livestock, produce, and structures have been reduced to soot stains. In nearby Falconcrest, word spreads through the Range Guard that undead issued from Ku’vahl and are attacking territories within the Kingdom of Akeron to the Southwest. Many hope that this is nothing more than a single raid, but some claim that there are signs of more to come.

    No official decree has come from Falconcrest, Akeron, nor even the Kingdom of the Night’s diplomatic sources, but there are whispered rumors which suggest that King Vol of Haven may have been responsible for organizing the attack. These unsubstantiated rumors claim that King Vol may have pulled strings with the Kingdom of The Night and orchestrated the attack as a response to the presence of Ebran Soldiers marshalling their forces within Akeronian territories.

    Common people throughout the land, who have always feared the legendary dangers hidden within the ancient ruins have begun to show signs of even greater concern about the threats presented by Ku’vhal. A subtle possibility of public panic seems to rise and linger with each new rumor of activity originating from within the Ruins of Ku’Vahl.

    OOG: Anyone who would like to pursue more information on this troubling matter: please email mythic.plot@gmail.com


    February 6th, 218 PB

    They came to Northwatch as the sun rose this morning. As the pale light illuminated the Tavern, it was already full beyond its normal capacity. Members of the Argent Tide, the Arcadian Grove, Vol’s Elite, Falconcrest Range Guard and many others have come to Northwatch.

    Though they all have their own agendas and goals, they work toward a single objective. The Vast Forest of Haven. The final days of preparation have come, and the allies called upon are marshaling what they can. Few stay longer than a few hours at a time, and the flow of messengers is constant.

    The plans have been laid, and though success is uncertain they are set with a grim determination. After much planning and deliberation it is decided. In four days from today, they will make their move. On the last day of the week, the united forces will take the forest back.


    February 12th, 218 PB

    Throughout all of Terath the news has spread that the Necrotic Blight that had infected the Vast Forest of Haven since the end of the Pale War has finally been dispelled.

    The combined forces of Haven, Falconcrest and the Argent Tide are said to have led multiple assaults on the forest while smaller groups of adventurers struck deep within the blighted wood. Of the adventurers, the two most talked of groups are those from Northwatch and Lamora.

    As the nations of Terath begin their Winterfest celebrations, many a glass is raised in honor of the soldiers, mages and adventurers who risked much to venture into the necrotic blight and strike at its heart.

    Marley Sage

    Feb 23, 218 Post-Betrayal

    The necrotic [strike]Black Tears[/strike] have ceased flowing.

    The prevailing wisdom is that this must be due to the Cleansing of the Vast Forest of Haven. A loud minority insist it is instead related to the dreadful Blood Feast “holiday” that the Kingdom of the Night has been ‘celebrating’. A rare few credit or blame the Prince of Wights.

    Over the last few days the black facial marks that had appeared on those who cast potent Necromancy vanished.

    Some witnesses say they became less like skin and more like liquid and they literally fell to the ground. Casters of magic have mostly spoken on the magic marks fading from the face, much like a person casting Invisibility, fades from view. Yet no trace remains, even to those with True Vision or employing spells that discern magic.

    This vanishing often left death it’s wake, though Adventurous Heroes and dastardly Villains instead spread tales of their very souls becoming ‘weaker’ and ‘more susceptible to Obliteration’

    In the Kingdom of Akeron, wailing could be heard in the streets of cities as many who had been marked with [strike]Black Tears[/strike] suddenly died!

    Not all people are made of the heroic stuff that lets them be Cyclic, and pass from death back into existence through a Circle of Life. In that Kingdom, casting Necromancy with a Kingdom-granted permit is uncommon but not unheard of for the urban wealthy and self-styled adventurers or students of magical science. Who is missing from the next meeting of the Open Council and what township Magistrates might lay dead is a matter of great speculation among investors? Who will bury the dead matter more to the people?Word circles on eager lips about how the Sons of Akeron saved them last time the corruption of leaders grew too great. Where are those patriarchical patriots now?

    In the Kingdom of Ebrus the death toll was greater still but is being obscured by the people’s quiet nature and their government’s efforts to hush things up.
    The collection of as many [strike]Black Tears[/strike] as possible was for some in the military and aristocracy a matter of pride and prestige and for many, more common, folk the basic necromancy is a matter of monthly or even weekly use in tradition and ceremony. Now there are many, common corpses and at least two Margraves -who oversee who provinces – have died.

    It is clear that many marked-folk survived and what rumors do escape the largely closed borders of this country say that some elite militants may have been infused with Necromancy powers. Talk exists about how this might affect the waxing tensions between Haven and Ebrus.

    Though deaths and weakened spirits can be found all throughout Terath, the continent as a whole is letting out a sigh of relief as one more problem seems solved and one more wickedness put to rest.

    As usual how it ended is mysterious to most, but that it ended is cause for joy.

    To put a mild damper on things it seems the [strike]Black Tears[/strike] disappearance has done little to silence the unquiet dead, and reports are ever-growing of undead rising from well-treated corpses as well as the usual suspects. Old Shades and Spectres, long dispersed are coming back to their old haunts.

    Can a politically divided Terath stay safe for long, without heroic calls coming forth to the brave Adventurers of Lamorra and Northwatch Outposts?

    Some ask has those Outposts time already passed and might the Outpost of Stonewall, the Band of the Falling Rock, or the Corvid Company become more central to future

    OOG: Marley Sage Gable, Staff Director & Plot Team Member

    PC: Rigel - Asurkian Bard ~ Alchemist Artificer


    March 2nd, 2018

    News has spread that Aleric Falconcrest, the previous King of Falconcrest has returned. Many celebrations broken out across the nation as the people celbrate the return of their beloved former king. Though happy at his return, the celebrations carry a darker undertone.

    With the current line of succession already unclear, many are not sure how his return will influence the Kingdom.

    In addtion to Aleric’s return, over the past 5 days the Sages of the Falconcrest Mages guild have been called together. They gather in the Kingdom’s capital, Citadel. Officially, they meet to discuss the coming year. Though there are whispers that the Sages being called together and the return of Aleric are not coincidental.


    March 7th, 218 PB

    King Vol of Haven has announced that he has released the majority of the recently imprisoned merchants from the Kingdom of Ebrus. This release was permitted as part of a political agreement which has recently been reached between the militant Kingdom of Ebrus and the Dark-Elf Kingdom of Haven.

    During recent months, it seemed that Haven and Ebrus were on a path towards war, as all diplomatic efforts to force a peace between the two nations either stalled out or were rejected outright. Rumors claim that heroes from the Adventurer’s Outpost of Northwatch partnered with King Jezel of Akeron in order to offer up a powerful artifact which brought both Haven and Ebrus to the negotiating table. Intriguingly, it is rumored that Wizard Manyhome of Northwatch, a supposed ally of King Vol’s, turned the tables against his ally during the negotiations at a pivotal moment in order to give Ebrus the upper hand. Political gossip suggests that this may be the first public move in Wizard Manyhome’s strategy to create an Order of Wizards that could rise in opposition to the Wizards of The Rhouman Guard.

    These negotiations resulted in the signing of a treaty which will supposedly prevent war from breaking out between the two kingdoms during the coming year, and also resulted in the delivery of a powerful relic to King West of Ebrus which could potentially be used to cure the Ebran King from a tenacious necrotic affliction that has plagued him during recent months.

    Meanwhile, in the Vast Forest of Haven, the necrotic blight has at last been lifted from the woodland territory. But though the blight itself has ended, there are still hundreds of mindless roaming undead monstrosities which continue to threaten the area.

    The Argent Tide has redoubled their efforts to eliminate these undead threats now that there is finally an end in sight. Rumor has it that some of the Argent Tide’s mightiest warriors have begun to travel across Terath to lend their aid. Rumors claim that the heroes of the Argent Tide include a Human Argent Knight known Sir Daeornoth, a Thorgg Aegis known as Squire Dagon, and an Orc Warden known as Sonya Redskull. It is said that the warriors of the Argent Tide go into battle bearing majestic silver blades crafted by the hands of Master Smith Ferris Rogar, Steward of the Forge Beneath Westerland.

    The people of Haven, for the first time in many years, have hope that the undead creatures will finally be cleansed from their lands.


    March 26th, 218 PB

    In the wake of the horrific necrotic contest known as The Blood Feast, the Argent Tide & The Order of Light have continued to help the people of Terath recover. Rumors claim that the Vampiric monstrosity known as Nos Talanos, who is believed to lead the undead Kingdom of The Night, has personally harnessed immense quantities of necromantic energy towards some dark and nefarious purpose. Whispers indicate that Nos Talanos may have used this necrotic power to resurrect the ArchLich Tal Sigor, referred to by many as “The Father of Night”, while opposing rumors claim that the dark energy may have been used in an attempt to prevent Tal Sigor’s return. Other scholars have whispered that Nos Talanos had actually harnessed the magic of the Blood Feast to empower his own vile Magik, or to somehow enhance or dominate the undead dragon which he has enslaved as his servant. Meanwhile, sages from the Falconcrest Mages Guild have reported strange fluctuations in the magical landscape near the Ruins of Ku’Vahl, likely as a consequence of the magic harnessed at the end of the Blood Feast.

    Lastly, rumors abound that the ArchLich Tal Sigor has truly returned. There are many in Terath who have never heard the name Tal Sigor, but in most places The Father of Night is spoken of with great trepidation. Word of his return has been met with deep concern, or even outright panic in some villages. Tragic news has come that the residents of a small hamlet in the Queen’s Lands participated in a mass suicide in order to avoid the terrible fate which they believed that Tal Sigor’s return will bring.

    As a result of all of this dark news, the Open & Closed Councils of Akeron have begun to take action to increase restrictions against the casting of Necromancy throughout their kingdom. It is said that the nobles and merchants of Akeron were spurred into taking action after gathering to hear a powerful nameless Spiritualist make an appeal against the terrible influences of Necromantic Magic. One of the lords of Akeron’s Open Council even went so far as to claim that residual necrotic magic had caused a fleet of ghostly pirate ships to rise from the depths and assault his merchant vessels. However, rumors from seaside taverns near the Bay of Hope suggest that these assaults were in-fact the work of flesh & blood pirates sailing in service to a Dread Pirate who commands a mysterious ship known as “The Vengeance”.


    April 24th, 218

    As spring begins to push aside the winter’s chill, the people of Terath find themselves busy preparing for the coming year. Though most celebrations are had once the summer has fully begun, the nation of Falconcrest has hosted a number of large celebrations over the past two months. Aleric Falconcrest, the Kingdoms founder and namesake has returned from his long absence and King Galathule declared a period of celebration to welcome him back.

    As the celebrations closed, the following proclamation was issued:

    Attention, people of Falconcrest. Many of you have heard of the return of Aleric Falconcrest from his journey to the old continent. The former king of Falconcrest was welcomed back to Citadel with great celebration and warmth. Aleric, and His Majesty King Gilrandir Galathule, have spent many weeks in counsel discussing the future of the kingdom of Falconcrest. By their combined wisdom they have determined to finalize and make public:

    That Aleric Falconcrest’s abdication of the throne of the kingdom of Falconcrest is complete, final, and binding. Aleric Falconcrest relinquishes all claim and right to the Throne of Falconcrest forever.

    That Aleric Falconcrest will not accept any appointment or offer to be named a High Lord of Falconcrest or Heir to the Throne of Falconcrest.

    Furthermore, His Majesty, King Gilrandir Galathule, wishes to make it known that he intends to act upon Aleric’s wise counsel. In the coming months he will appoint a new High Lord of Falconcrest. Whomever shall be appointed as the High Lord will also likely be designated as the official heir of His Majesty, King Gilrandir Galathule of the Kingdom of Falconcrest.

    It is His Majesty’s sincerest hope that such an arrangement will strengthen the stability of the kingdom’s future and provide an environment of optimism and prosperity for all of the people of Falconcrest, citizen and otherwise.

    Written in the name of King Gilrandir Galthule
    Kingdom of Falconcrest
    Honor Above All


    May 14, 218

    Tavern talk in Falconcrest is dominated by news of an announcement from the King. Over the course of the last month, many have talked about the King’s reply to Baron Devereaux’s proclamation and who the new High Lord would be.

    Now, after many weeks of wondering and speculation the King has set out the method for choosing the next Heir to the Throne.

    People of Falconcrest,

    In order to solidify the line of succession and ensure there is no doubt concerning the future of our great kingdom, a High Lord will be chosen. This will happen no later than the last day of August of this year.

    As I have previously said, I will rely on the voice of the nobility of Falconcrest to select whom they believe best personifies the qualities that our kingdom holds dear. While this great responsibility is given to our nobility, be assured that whomever they put forward must also have my approval.

    This week, all citizens of Falconcrest who have noble rank will be meeting in Citadel. There, we will discuss in person the qualities and qualifications we believe the High Lord must posses. After that, the nobility will go their own ways to deliberate and discuss among themselves.

    To the people of our great kingdom, and to our nobility that will shoulder this great responsibility I ask you to remember, Honor Above All.

    By my own hand,

    Gilrandir Galathule
    King of Falconcrest


    June 4th, 218 PB

    From the militant Kingdom of Ebrus, news has spread that King West has nearly completed a miraculous recovery from the Necrotic Affliction which had befallen him during this past winter. King West is well-known for keeping secrets close to the vest, but in this case, he has declared openly that the affliction was the result of an attack made by the wretched undead creature known as the Prince of Wights. The dark affliction’s supposed purpose was to forcibly transform King West into one of the Undead, but the strange necrotic curse is slowly being lifted by means of a magical relic which Ebrus received during its diplomatic negotiations with Haven earlier this year.

    With his strength finally returning, King West has begun calling each of his advisors to meet with him. The King is also reported to have begun holding individual audiences with every influential Ebran military leader, and rumors indicate that these meetings may involve a new grand plan for the future of the Ebran Kingdom. Court gossip has confirmed that King West recently held private audiences with Lady Vivian Falion of the Ebran Royal Bloodline, Lord Knight Cadaeris of the Ebran Order of Black Knights, Tidus Katrell of the Ebran Healer’s Guild, and many others.

    Some rumors also indicate that King West has even arranged to hold private audiences with the shadowy figures who lead the underworld organization known as the Tainted Crown, and this last bit of gossip has many people wondering what sort of grand plans are in the making.

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