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    Hello friends,

    We want to let you know about new-ish developments with our Summer Season Weekender venues and allow you to help choose our course(s) of action.

    1. Our first Weekender will def be in May 31st thru June 2nd @ Whiting

    2. There is now a toll booth at Middle Canyon that will remain locked overnight.

      Do we want to deal with the gate and have smaller numbers at night/camping for some or all of the Summer?
      Do we want to go further away to sites we know don’t have a gate?
      Do we want to pay more and use Whiting for more than the first weekend?
      Do we want to pay more to use a closer site even if that potentially causes weekenders to cost more?

    I plan to spend several weekends, starting on the 15th, scouting and potentially camping out of new Weekender sites, just as was done 8 years ago in a hunt that located Middle Canyon.

    Brayden will be joining me on our first outing to evaluate venues and we’d love company, especially if you’ve run a weekender before!

    Let him or me know if you’re interested in that trip or have general feedback or even sites you’d like to suggest. Several promising options to already beckon to be explored: Antelope Island, Fort Buenaventura, Weber County Memorial Park, Whiterocks & Spruces Campgrounds, and a handful of others.

    We can chat in person, you can post below or send comments by email via Please feel free to reach out to me, Brayden, anyone on the Plot Team, our Player Emmisarry, or our Event Coordinator with further inquiries!

    Wishing you a happy Spring,

    Staff Director


    West of Grantsville there are a few canyons you can camp in.
    Davenport Canyon is primitive camping. That mean first come first served but free.
    South Willow Canyon has three or four camp grounds up in it. I am not sure if there is primitive camping.
    There are a few more but I have never been in those canyons. There is an area north of the Walmart Distribution Center in Grantsville that in open also. Just thought I throw a few area out since White Rocks is far.


    Soapstone Pass between Mirror Lake Highway and Wolf Creek pass is free camping also. You can access it from Woodland or Kamas, both take almost the same amount of time. It’s pretty much the same distance as White Rocks but not in the desert.


    As someone who lives really really close to Antelope Island and has been there a lot, I would not recommend it as a weekender site. There are little to no trees and they are fairly strict about staying on marked paths etc. There are also lots of mosquitos in the summer, they may carry you off. Just my 2 cents.

    Marley Sage

    Interesting options around Grantsville & Kamas it sounds like.

    I would not like to be carried off by mosquitos nor sunburned.

    Thanks for the input so far!

    OOG: Marley Sage Gable, Staff Director & Plot Team Member

    PC: Rigel - Asurkian Bard ~ Alchemist Artificer

    Stephen Foerster

    When I thought about this, there were a few things that we want to at least consider for weekenders for Mythic.

    1. Drive Time: As much as i hate to admit it, many of us are heavily influenced by this. I don’t know what the max limit is, but I would guess if the drive is more than 2 hours, fewer people will want to go.

    2. Noise Ordinance: This is not one that came up necessarily with Mythic, but has come up in the past in other games. Some canyons enforce a noise ordinance of 10 PM even though you are in the canyon. This is relevant as (when I was looking around) I ran into this at several Ogden area campgrounds.

    Note: I did consider that the above could be corrected if we felt we could adjust timelines on the weekender to not have combat late. We tend to run active combat until 1-2 am and that could be a problem, but potentially we might be able to tweak this….don’t know that I want to, cause it is still summer and summer is hot.

    3. The campsites themselves: I went to the place in Huntsville that has the Renaissance Fair once. Brooke and I stayed there one night and the mosquito’s and heat were so bad, we left the LARP early. It wasn’t the LARPs fault, but campsites may have things we aren’t aware of. I seem to recall that Whiting wasn’t liked later in the season due to cost, foot traffic and something about bugs or something…I don’t recall the last. I know we have tried others with similar problems.

    In answer to the last question (Are we willing to pay more if the weekenders are closer or charge more), my personal answer is yes. At a different LARP, we had a weekender that was a Cabin weekender but was more expensive. I personally had a great time and thought it worked well. However, I know that not everyone is in a great place financially, so it may not work.

    Sorry that this isn’t an answer and I am not trying to disparage anyone elses suggestions, I just wanted to give my experience from years of LARP.

    Stephen F.

    PS: Alternatively, I know that a locked toll gate to get into Whiting is not ideal, however, it may not be the worst. For one, we don’t have to worry about people driving up and down the canyon while we are late night LARPing. Also, as a long time customer of the canyon, could we work something out with the canyon. I am not saying Middle canyon is my favorite campground, but it has been good fro us so we may not want to abandon it if we can help it.


    Hi all,
    So we bought an investment property last night. It is 30 minutes outside of Springville up Hobble Creek Canyon. It is 10 acres, although about 6 of that is pretty steep. It has a bathroom (although we might still need to bring a port a potty if there were a lot of people) Running cold water and it is drinkable. It has two streams and some tiny springs that bubble through. It looks like it runs 10 to 15 degrees cooler than the valley, we have no neighbors currently so no noise issues. It is gated, but by a code which we can get a visitor code for groups.
    Parking is a limited, but there is room next to the road a quarter mile away or a bit higher up on our land . The last mile of road isn’t perfect, but we went up 3 times in a Kia Rio with no issues and had a dump truck sized truck follow us once.
    If you are running a weekender or just run mods on weekenders and would like to take a look around let me know and we will work something out. We will also be up there Sunday June 23rd from 12 to 4pm to pick up the bathroom keys. Please msg me for directions if you want to drop by as there is no signal up there, although your GPS will work if you log in before the canyon starts.
    We would quite simply love to share this with our Mythic friends. Things could even be set up the weekend before events. (There are some pictures on facebook of the main area.)

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