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    Xukkuth d’ Barra

      Mythic Realms Weekend Event Check List:

      Rules Related Items:

      -Money (Membership, Game Cost, Optional Tavern Food, etc…)
      -Updated Character Sheet

      In Game Items:
      -Character Costume
      -Flashlight w/ red tinted foil on it.
      -Makeup supplies (Application, Removal, A Small Mirror and Character Makeup)
      -Adventuring Gear (Scissors, Rope, Candles, Matches, Twine, Chalk, Etc.)
      -Headbands (Orange (OOG), Yellow (Invisible), White (See Invisible or True Vision), Pink (Spirit), Red (Bleeding), Blue (Hide), and Green and Blue (Advanced Hide))
      -Character Props
      -Cabin/Tent Decorations (Carpets, Tapestries, Curtains, Banners, Etc.)
      -An Extra change of IG Clothes.
      -Spell Packets
      -Yellow and Blue ropes for structures
      -Pouches, bags, backpack or other costume piece for holding loot

      Out of Game Items:
      -Comfortable Shoes
      -Cooking gear, campfire wood, fire starting device.
      -Sleeping Bag/Bedding
      -Toiletries (Toothbrush and Toothpaste, Floss and Mouthwash, Soap and Washcloth, Toilet Paper, Towels, Shampoo and Conditioner, Contact Cases and Solution, and Glasses) (Unscented products are recommended as bugs can be drawn to scented products.)
      -Sports Bra, Jock strap or a Cup
      -Emergency Contact Phone Numbers
      -Garbage Bags
      -First Aid Kit (Real)
      -Bug Spray
      -Change of “Mundane Clothing”
      -Weapon Repair Supplies (Fun Noodle, Core, Open Cell Foam and Duct Tape)
      -Chap Stick
      -Thermal undergarments
      -Sports band for eye glasses
      -Water skin or period canteen
      -Matches or Lighter (For Campfires, Candles and Lanterns)
      -Safety Pins or Sewing Kit
      -Camp Chair or Stool
      -Extra Socks
      -Hand Sanitizer
      -Extra Batteries (for flashlight) or extra fuel for Lanterns

      Don’t bring:

      -Alcohol (it is prohibited)
      -Recreational drugs (prohibited and possibly illegal)
      -Real weapons (dangerous)
      -Anything extremely valuable/sentimental that you couldn’t afford to lose or have accidentally broken.
      -No Fireworks
      -No Guns

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