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    Xukkuth d’ Barra

    To all Players of Mythic Realms-

    I am pleased to announce the full formation of a Mythic Realms Staff. The following players have taken up positions on staff. There are a fair number of our players who have volunteered to help these members of staff fulfill the duties that are going to help Mythic Realms continue to grow, and our new staff members would like to thank those of you who have volunteered your skills and time. We would also like to ask for the support of all of our players; not only in asking for volunteers to help improve the game, but also asking for the care and understanding of our players in order to facilitate the changes that will be necessary to help Mythic Realms flourish.

    General Manager, Executive Staff Officer
    Zach Martin
    mythicupdates (at)

    Character Update Director
    Zach Martin
    mythicupdates (at)

    Adam Long
    mythicfinances (at)
    801.674.9525 Text Prefered

    Rob Leigh
    bort_bitterbeer (at)

    Player Emissary
    Becca Springmeyer
    selphiebaka (at)

    Public Relations Officer
    Maren Lacy
    warriorsdebt (at)

    Website Agent
    Nathan Motzkus
    mythicweb (at)

    Rules Officer
    Page Carlock
    al_kannon (at)

    Plot Director
    James Bernard
    james (at)

    Thank you everyone. We are all very excited about the future of Mythic Realms, and hope that you will join us in our excitement.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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