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      Greetings adventurers of Northwatch,

      I am Enzo Credeance, a ritual student from the Ethlin Isles. I am currently doing some research into some interesting appearances of magically corrupted creatures.
      Briar beasts, Feryl, kobolds and the like have been popping up around Chindius and Narovo, seemingly in small numbers but nonethless an interesting phenomena. They have been observed to exibit elemental abilities beyond normal capabilities, as well as some appearing with necromantic corruptions as well. From what I have been able to gather, despite kobolds having the ability to channel elemental powers, we have been seeing some with far greater strength and others who seem to be channeling necromancy, such as throwing spells like Enslaves and Drains.

      An interesting note that I am not entirely certain is related to the magical corruption, but some of these creatures are exhibiting rather ravenous behaviors. I have heard reports of Feryl attacking one another and then feasting on the deceased.

      If any of you have come across anything like this recently I would be eager to hear what you have to say about the creatures. Or if any of you are willing to spend some time looking into this matter I would be happy to see about compensating you for your efforts if we can find a concentrated area of these creatures.

      May your plates be full and beds be warm,
      Enzo Credeance
      Ritualist of the Ethlin Isles.

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