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      Hello Everyone,

      So, I know this is a bit last minute for some of you. I have new updates for all 3 books, and they have been posted on the website.

      We are updating Aegis, Black Knight, Eldritch Soul (use to be called Battle Mage), Vault-Breaker (use to be called Thief), and White Knight.
      Since we don’t have time to update people with these big class changes, I will be talking to anyone that these impact and working out a playtest for all class levels you are current trained to.

      Here is a list of the changes to each book:

      Core Rulebook
      Pg 37 – Necromancy Warning has been re-written
      Pg 62 – Make a Record – more clarity has been added to the spell
      Pg 51,55,93 – Drain Life – language has been updated

      Book of Heroes
      Several Classes have received a re-write, I will be providing every player with those classes a sheet for this weekender and authorizing to be able to play with ever ability at every class level they have received training in. So if you are a Thief level 1, you will be able to play with all the Vault-Breaker Level 1 abilities.
      Black Knight has received a full rewrite
      We have updated Battle Mage to Eldritch Soul. This class has received a full rewrite.
      We have updated Thief to Vault-Breaker. This class has received a full rewrite.
      White Knight has received a full rewrite
      Wizard has had its prerequisites updated; they cannot be a Eldritch Souls

      Book of Secrets
      Pg 23 – Cleaned up Death Blows language
      Pg 37 – Fine Finish for a Polish we make non-Elusive and added to Buff & Polish Armor Expertise
      Pg 47 – Danger-Bond GuardStone Elusive was added
      Pg 123 – Updated language to include weapon gloves usage.
      Pg 145 – Updated Ritual Casting time language
      Pg 145 – Added Quick Casting back into the system.
      Pg 147 – Added Analyze Magical Auras – Common Ritual
      Pg 151 – Updated Create Food and Water – Increased usefulness
      Pg 154 – Updated Grant Mental Shield prerequisites to Resist Ritual Magic
      Pg 156 – Updated Hero’s Blessing, I fixed its Rarity
      Pg 157 – Updated Legend Lore prerequisites to Analyze Magical Auras
      Pg 160 – Updated Resist Ritual Magic – Common Ritual

      Thank you everyone for your patience,

      Bronzeboar of Lansia

        I’m going to start dropping these here, just for funsies.

        Bronzeboar of Lansia

          Book of Heroes
          Monk Utility Skill mislabeled as Master Artisan.

          Bronzeboar of Lansia

            Core Rulebook, Book of Heroes
            The Skill charts for both books refer to the Force Fighter ability “Twin Strike” as “Flurry of Blows”

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