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    Greetings Northwatch,

    I am Icosial. A researcher who specializes in studying artifacts that were once magical in nature but have lost their power.

    My research has led me to an Inkstone that I believe was placed in the ancient dungeon that is located under Northwatch. From what I have been able to uncover, it was placed there with a number of other supplies once it lost its power.

    I would like to commission your town at large to retrieve the Inkstone for me on the 12th of this month. I offer 2 silver coins to each person who agrees to assist me and descends into the dungeon. As a gift for your town, I also offer one magic item.

    To make the job official, I offer 5 Silver each towards the coffers of the Mages and Mercenaries Guilds.

    Anything aside from the Inkstone you find is, of course, yours to claim.

    I look forward to meeting with you.




    Look forward to meeting you. I’ll see you next week




    An Inkstone Artifact that has lost it’s power, I am most curious, does it happen to have a legend or tale that you can tell?

    I would love to assist in this task and look forward to it next week.

    Book-small-Zyra Goldenmane


    I’ll gladly participate as a member of the Mercenary guild, and as a townsperson.

    Sitka Andromeda



    Hi Friend!

    I will gladly help on this job! I, too, am a member of the Mercenary Guild but not near the caliber of Sitka.

    See you soon!

    Rory Brooker

    PC: Rory Brooker
    Retired PC: Sibella R. Listrotov
    OOG: Chelsea Baldwin


    Master Icosial,
    Speaking for myself, and as a modest resident of the town of NorthWatch, I am most honored that you have seen fit to request our assistance and am looking forward to meeting you in-person. If I may be so presumptuous, I/we are humbled that you have heard of our stalwart town and our capabilities and hope this will might be an opportunity to prove to you NorthWatch’s desire to assist and entreat with friends and neighbors.

    Again, thank you for this opportunity, and I eagerly await our meeting.

    Tar’Quin Precious
    Co-Proprietor of T&T Mercantile Exchange
    Resident of the Town of NorthWatch

    Silver, Mithril or Steel can be earned or used by any...
    But only the best of us can truly master GOLD!!!

    Boji Smash

    Researcher Icosial,

    Coincedentaly I was planning on stopping by Northwatch for the first time in quite a while. I would be very interested in helping recover this Inkstone for you. I look forward to my visit.

    Sanjuro Kurosawa

    Michael Dempsey


    I am happy to help recover this item for you, I will see you tonight

    Talos Avarici



    As Commander of the Mercenary chapter of the Northwatch Guild, i’ll happily accept your offer, and look forward to working with you.

    Until tonight,

    Commander Graceholm

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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