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    Michael Dempsey

    Hello Friends

    I find myself reaching a new level of skill. I am wanting to learn a few things from a a few different classes. Firstly I wanted to start by learning the ability that thugs seem to have to bind people with rope as strong as they would be held by manacles. Anyone know of any thugs that would be willing to teach me ?

    Talos Avarici



    I’d be happy to provide a bit of training for you Talos, so long as Gray & Quinn speak up on your behalf. That said, my to do list is somewhat lengthy at the moment, so I’ll need you to come find me in Lamora and join me on an errand or two.

    Luck be with you,

    Tavrin Kalas
    Adventurer of Lamora


    Hey Talos,

    I’d be happy to show you myself how to tie people up tight with little more than rope. That should save Tavrin a trip, and some time. I hope to be back in town tomorrow evening for a bit.


    If you’re still in need of help, I’m sure some of us could still come and lend a hand for an ally.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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