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    Chris W

      ( This post is a recap of my statements at the Open House which took place on 4/4/12 )

      Hey everyone,

      As mentioned at the Open House, Mythic Realms has recently made a number of very costly new investments in our game. These include new storage trailers, large tents to represent more believable “towns”, and various props, costumes, and items yet to be announced. We are certain that this weekender season will be the best so far, both visually and in reference to game-play. We have also significantly increased the rewards for NPCs, encouraging greater participation on that side of the game.

      That being said, the cost of half-day events ( the 6:30P – 10:30P ) have fluctuated minimally throughout the years. Prior to April 1st, the cost for an evening event was $6 , and the player earned 1 Skill Point. Of course this means that over the course of two events, the player would have contributed $12 and earned 2 Skill Points. To better support our players and our investments, Mythic Realms is testing a pricing model that changes Half-Day event costs to $10. For the moment, we are awarding those who adopt this new pricing by providing them 2 Skill Points for a single event. As of now, the $6, single Skill Point pricing is also on the table as we gather feedback and ease into the changes.

      There are no current plans to change the pricing on memberships, free-play, or other event types.

      If you have any questions at on how Mythic Realms is investing your money or have suggestions to make, feel free to contact any staff member and we’ll work on getting the answer to you right away.

      Thanks for 13 great years so far ladies and gentlemen.

      This game would be nowhere without your support!

      -Chris Warswick
      Marketing Officer

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