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      In order to streamline production emails, please send all production emails to and have them follow this format:

      Subject line of email- (date of event) Production for (name of character)

      Production skill being used and what level you have
      Quantity – Item being created – Production Points used – components/cost in copper

      Please also list if you have have anything that grants additional Production Points (Efficiancy, Magic Items, PP purchased with Mythic Points) and how many you are using.


      01/01/2013 Production for Leorrin

      Armor Smithing level 3
      3 Armor Buff +3 – 9 PP – 30 CP
      1 Dodge Polish – 2 PP – 5 CP
      1 Fortification Buff – 1 PP – 2 CP

      6 extra PP purchased with Mythic Points

      If you plan on making the same items each logistics, you may send 1 email with what those items are. You may also send 1 email at the beginning of the month if you know what you plan on making on each event, please include the date you plan on making each item. Please keep in mind that if you change what you plan on making, you must send an amended email.

      Details about creating the phys-reps & item cards for production items can be found in the post – Creating Production Items – Templates & Tips

      Thank You.


        Here are the Links for Production printing:!Ak6Q_WuBgrqMsXUZ_90qdA0tm51D


      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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