Pricing Changes – 2017

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    Just a quick update to some of our pricing information. Starting April 2017, we will be reducing the price on a couple things.

    Yearly memberships will now be $20 instead of $25. For simplicities sake, quarterly discounts for late memberships will be in $5 increments. So if you purchase a membership late, the price will be as follows.

    April-June $20
    July-September $15
    October-December $10
    January-March $5

    Also, the additional non-membership cost of events ($1 per skill point of the event) will be removed, and we will start making more benefits available to those with memberships, rather than penalizing those without them.

    Finally, the cost of Full-Day events will be reduced to $10 instead of $12 to coincide with the 2 Pt option that most people elect to use on Half-Day events.

    Hopefully this makes sense to everyone.

    Thanks to all of you for a great year and we hope that this upcoming year will be even better!

    Zach M.
    Mythic Realms ESO

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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