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      Hello everyone,

      With the first weekend event approaching we want to take a moment and re-emphasize some rules that come into play primarily on weekend events.

      For our players who have more than one character, please remember that you may only play one character on an event. This applies to all event types including weekend events.

      In order to switch to a different character, you must talk to and get permission in advance from one of the following people:

      Mike M.
      Steve C.

      While it is not necessary, it is very polite to also let the event runner know that the switch is happening if switching is approved (which it almost always is).

      This year, we will be doing something a little different though and imposing a few new requirements if a character switch happens.

      New Requirement:
      There must be a full makeup and costume change, regardless of when during the event the switch happens (yes, this means Sunday morning on a weekend). You cannot change the character you are playing without this happening.

      To clarify, not wearing a costume doesn’t count as a costume change. While there are points during a weekend we show some lenience to our costuming rules, if you are switching to a new PC the burden is on you to ensure no one mistakes you for any of your other characters.

      Unfortunately, there was more than one time last year where someone switched characters and no one knew because they tried to switch as quickly as possible. Our goal is to avoid that.

      Please feel free to speak with me if you have any questions.

      Steve C.

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