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    Grant M

    Concerning what you mentioned Leetah,

    I am wondering about that because I want to believe that the Soul Forge is created with old Rhoum magic. Tal Sigor was believed to escaped his entrapment last year, but still spent time researching Rhoum magic. I am worried that he touched on the same types of magic that the Soul Forge uses and created a ritual that did minor changes to people like described by Zyra.

    -Valeron Avarici

    Grant Martin
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    Count us in. I’ve gotten confirmation from everyone but Vladamir.
    Myself, Yuri, Sveta, Anton, Nikolai, Karkarov, Nameless, and Orthia.

    If i’m with this group be sure you have someone give orders to The Guardian. Preferably someone who has a relationship with it. Maybe the not so heroic Valdamar.

    Sonya Garadetzki

    Marley Sage

    As an update, I agreed to help you at Sonya’s request.

    -Vladamir Garadetzki

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Viewing 3 posts - 49 through 51 (of 51 total)
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