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      As we have a lot of new players, we wanted to combine a couple of posts that talk about the rules for playing multiple characters so they are easier to find. The plot team will update this post as needed.

      The Cyrillia campaign allows for players to play multiple characters. For players that do this, there are a few rules to keep in mind. The intent of the rules is to keep confusion at a minimum and help the plot team be able to make plans involving characters.

      1 – A player can only play a single character per event, and cannot switch after an event starts without asking the plot team first (best practice is to do this before the event starts). Most of time time, permission is only granted for weekend or role-play focused events, but if there is a compelling reason we are open to hear it.

      The primary reason for this rule is that when players switch characters during an event, the plot team has to decide to either run their plot without them there (which sucks) or postpone it, means an event has to be re-written on the fly. It also causes player confusion as they aren’t sure who they are RPing with.

      2 – Only one character can use production per event. If you are given permission to switch characters, only one gets the benefits of the logistics.

      3 – Your characters should be visually distinct from each other. No one should need to ask who you are playing. Costuming should be very different, especially if you decide to play the same race for both characters. If you are given permission to switch characters, a simple tabard change isn’t enough (its hard enough to know who NPCs are, we don’t need that problem with PCs). You will need to do a full costume change.

      4 – Your characters are not allowed to interact with each other, in any way, directly or indirectly. You should not give items, coin, equipment or information from one character to another, even if using a third party to do the hand off. This is considered malicious cheating, and will be treated accordingly.

      Note: The above rule does not apply to common PC knowledge, which includes world library entries, all posts made to the boards and to public discord RP.

      5 – While it is not required, the plot team strongly recommends that you email and specify which character is your primary character. As a policy, the plot team only runs plot for one character at a time when players have multiple characters. You are certainly allowed to participate in any plot you encounter at events, but when the plot team makes plans, only the primary character will be considered. If you don’t tell us who you want to primary character to be, we will make a call and go with it. The plot team reserves the right to not include multiple characters from the same player in a plot.

      Thank you,
      The Cyrillia Campaign Plot Team

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