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      Permanent Structures are well constructed buildings that provide greater protection than tents. They can be locked, and cannot easily be broken into. Because of this, there are strict rules that govern Permanent Structures.

      Structure Rules

      Structures are designated by surrounding the tent/pavilion with Yellow rope or tape (string or thread is not sufficient as they are too difficult to see from a reasonable distance.) You are not allowed to have ‘open space’ in a structure. Open space is defined as any area that is not contained by four physical walls and a physical ceiling. The walls and ceiling can be made of any material (cloth, tarps, etc) and must encompass anything that is considered part of the structure.

      All structures allow for locks and bars to be installed on them, but not all structures are able to support a Ward. This must be pursued IG and the structure card for the structure must specify that it is wardable. All doors must be clearly marked and easily opened or closed. You may only have as many doors for the structure as you can phys rep, i.e. a tent with only one opening is limited to being a structure with one door, but a 10×10 pavilion could have up to 4 doors.

      If you are using a pavilion of some kind, the door can be as large or small as you would like to make it, but it must be clearly marked. For tents, they are the same size as the tents opening. It is possible to have a structure created with hidden doors or compartments, but this must be pursued IG.

      Due to the safety hazard of fires in structures, we ask that players either not include fire pits in their structure or refrain from having fires in them. We understand that during some events they will be needed to counter the rain or cold, but we ask that very strict watch be kept around them. Please ask before starting a fire in a structure, it is better to ask permission then be asked to extinguish your fire.

      Mythic Realms Staff always has the right to ask you to not have a fire if we feel it would not be safe, or if you are not safely tending it. Please do not be offended if you are asked to put out a fire, the last thing we want is burns on a weekend event.

      Structure Levels

      The level of structure determines how large it is. Each level of structure grants up to 75 feet of rope that can be used to mark off the structure. For example, a level 1 structure can use no more than 75 feet of rope while a level 5 structure can have a total of 375 feet.

      Some degree of fluidity is expected from event to event, as players come and go. As such, layout and the number of rooms may change from time to time. From an In Game perspective, this is perceived as superficial redecorating and alteration.

      Concealed Compartments

      The concealed compartments in Permanent Structures are much more elaborate than something as simple as a safe hidden behind a painting. They utilize Tinkering Artifice during their construction, creating a concealed compartment with a dynamic mechanism that changes how it is opened every time the compartment is sealed, which is magically attuned only to the owner of the building. This means that everyone other than the owner structure must perform a search using the conceal skill in order to find the correct way to open the compartment.

      A concealed compartment can be as small as a breadbox, or as large as a 10 x 10 pavilion. They can also be locked and trapped, and may only have one point of entry (which cannot open onto the exterior of the building). The concealed compartment must be clearly labeled, and if possible, should by represented by something white in color.

      Wardable Structures

      For buildings that are Wardable, the area must be surrounded by Blue tape or rope in addition to the yellow. The player whose structure it is also needs to attach a Ward card to each side of the structure, so it can be easily seen as a ward. There must be at least 1 ward card next to the primary entrance to the building. With this card will be the Ward Rune used to create the ward, as well as the designation number (the number that matches ward keys to the ward).

      Permanent Structure Costs

      The base costs for structures are as follows:

      • Size: Two gold per level of structure (per 75 feet of rope)
      • Concealed Compartments: This must be pursued IG, but you can expect a baseline of 1 gold per level of conceal
      • Craft Halls: Craft Halls can be added at 1 Gold per Craft Hall. The types of Craft Hall are:
        Alchemy Lab
        Armor Smithy
        Medicine Clinic
        Rune Sanctum
        Scroll Alcove
        Tinkering Workshop
        Weapon Forge

        Additionally, there will be no restrictions for who can use a Craft Hall (Owners vs Non-Owners will not matter).

        We will also be introducing a new dynamic as part of this playtest, which is a type of item called a Craft Customization Kit. These kits will be highly personalized toolboxes which allow a crafter to use special powers and abilities whenever they have access to a Craft Hall of the right type (Weapon Forges for Weapon Smiths, and so on). Craft Customization Kits will be created through Production or Artifice, and generally can only be used by the person that created them.

      • Wardable Structure: This must be pursued IG, but you can expect a baseline of 30 gold

      Upkeep is required to repair the damage that magic and monsters cause to a Permanent Structure each year
      However, upkeep does not need to be paid for a Permanent Structure until the year after you purchase it.

      Additional features or size expansions can be purchased for an additional building at full cost (With an additional 1 Gold Added to the total), at which point, upkeep on the additional features will need to be paid for during the following year.

      Structure Upkeep Costs

      The base costs for upkeep are as follows:

      • 1 gold per level of structure (per 75 feet of rope)
      • 10 silver per Craft Hall feature
      • 5 silver per level of conceal per concealed compartment
      • 5 gold for wardable structures

      All upkeep must be paid on April 1st, with a grace period extending through the first weekend of July each year. If a building’s upkeep has not been paid by the first weekend in July, then it is not usable until it is paid in full. The upkeep deadline never changes from July, even if upkeep is paid late.

      At staff discretion, you may be able to remove features from a permanent structure to reduce the cost of upkeep.

      Cost & Upkeep Example: A level 4 building with a Craft Hall Workshop and a Concealed Compartment (at conceal lvl 1) would cost 10 gold to buy, and would cost 4 gold & 15 Silver each year to upkeep.

      It is possible that current plots or other In Game events can alter these prices, all buildings must be purchased In Game, and can usually be purchased from the Citadel Merchants Alliance.


        Are you able to make a building wardable later on? Or do you need to pay for it to be wardable when it is being “built”


          Are you able to make a building wardable later on? Or do you need to pay for it to be wardable when it is being “built”


          Yes, I have updated the post with the info. You are able to add onto a building after it has been built. The cost for ‘aftermarket’ additions is the cost + 1 gold piece. The upkeep must be paid for for the new addition at the same time as for the rest of the structure. So if you buy it in May, you have to pay the upkeep in July.



            The main post has been updated to reflect the following changes:

            Size – structures are now 75 feet of rope per level (up from 25). Anyone who would like to reduce the size of their structure (so they have a lower upkeep cost) may do so.



              Bumping so people can find this.

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