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      Orthia will stir in the kitchen and come out with a bottle of wine. “We have a contact in the Kingdom of the Night who is a master of ritual mind control. His name is Wraithen, Silmarwen and I have been working with him to learn shackles of the mind ritual. I believe that she has learned it but there was complications with me learning it.”

      Orthia will take a long drink straight from her wine bottle. “I have talked with Wraithen several times and he believe that what the pale ones have done, to at least the vampire apprentice, is far beyond just a simple mind control. It was more like scrambling the brain, cutting out sections and rebuilding a puppet. There is a high possibility that there is no coming back. I also have a hunch that they are using the black cathedral as the catalyst in doing this to people brains. We need to find out more about it, the ancestors can not guide me much but they have mentioned that it is an artifact and there is something else augmenting it.” Orthia’s eyes will wander as she is thinking. Opening her mouth one last time as to say something else, she instead takes a drink from her wine and wander back into the kitchen.

      Marley Sage

        Karkarov will set down a leather-bound book and stand to stretch, rage lines fading from his face as he rolls his shoulders.

        “Hey, could someone invoke true sight? I really hate using scrolls and I want to talk about Saturday’s raid.”

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          Orthia will walk out of the kitchen again and touches her forehead and her eyes glow white. “I summon the wisdom of the ages to grant true vision.”

          Marley Sage

            Karkarov seems satisfied that there are no lurking horror.

            He pauses to throw back a snifter of dark red liquid, saluting Orthia with the all-too empty glass , before launching a torrent of words.

            “As some of you know…

            there is an ancient dwarven hall in the mountains of Westerland. It’s a Pale Legion prison, and connected to the network of Deep Roads where I am told the so called ‘Dwarven Anvil of Westerland’ was found. This makes me suspect that this is one of the Legion’s artifice depots as well as being a oubliette.

            We have a way in, well two actually, but one good sneaky one, and now is the time to strike, before they notice. To be clear members of the Monastery and the Vigil alike, believe that the Legion does not know we know, but will figure it out soon.
            What we do know is that there are loads of Dirt Dwarves, along with a side board of Troglodytes.

            A Dirt Dwarf chieftain lives there: he is the prison’s warden and known to be a cripple and one of the master tactician-strategists of the Western Front. Much as I am eager to finally match axes with a Chieftan, it may be prudent to capture him for the intellegence and to perhaps discern if there is a way to make Chieftain’s stay dead. I am told they are super-cyclic or something.

            On Saturday we’re going to raid the piss out of it.

            In theory Margrave Thrull will have scryed upon it shortly before we go, thus providing more details that morning. If you know or even think you know anything that will help us, please come forward before then or tell me privately.

            No one dies this time but we won’t be retreating. If that bothers you, don’t come.”

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            PC: Rigel - Asurkian Bard ~ Alchemist Artificer


              Orthia will smirk and then sigh as she walked over to Kakarov. Muttering under her breath about having an unending supply of wine and they still drink mine as she pours Kakarov’s glass full. “Sounds like you are in need of my help if you are heading to a prison. I am remaking my tinker manacles just in time it seems. I just hope they did not get broken the day I make them on this chieftain.”

              Orthia will walk back toward the kitchen and lean with her back to the wall. Keeping a eye out as she goes back to drinking from her bottle of wine.


                As whispers of the fall of Fallion permeates the air of the tavern.

                The overwhelming feelings of grief wash over Oni, cresting as disbelief, and finally crashing upon him as crippling sadness.

                Oni falls to his knees.Tears of rage and helplessness pour from his eyes. He tries to hide his shame, wishing his mask was near.

                The floor of the tavern beneath him becomes muddy with tears as he lets go.

                He begins to scratch at the mud mindlessly, muttering to himself. Only some words are words and audible. mainly it sounds like gibberish.

                “will and deal…Tricks…Trogs..Undead…Heopsovar…War…North…warning…decietful…cowards…honor…”

                He stands to his feet, scans the room for help. Shakes his head in disbelief.

                “My capital Burns…Where IS MY KING!!?? Where? WHYYYYY!!!???

                The shadows flurry around him and the last you see of Oni is his eyes burning, right before he becomes invisible.

                The tavern doors fly open wildly.

                [Scrawled in the floor in mud blood dirt and tears is the word “HONOR”]


                  A Fey enters the tavern at a quick pace. He wears simple robes, stained with road dirt and spots of aging blood. The visitor carries no visible weapons, but looking at his hands you will see the callouses and scars of hard training. You detect no hint of malice as he enters the tavern, his expression shows a hint of hesitant awe as he glances around at the various adventurers gathered there, taking in everything he sees. He draws forth a fold of oilskin from a small pack, and takes a moment to pin another letter to the wall. Once his task is complete, he gives a sharp nod to the crowd, and then makes her way back out into the chill air.

                  Adventurers of Northwatch,

                  The war has turned dire. Though this report is early, I felt that you needed to see the state of things as the year closes. Though we won a victory at the Broken City, we were not able to stem the tide of the enemy’s advance. Over the past week, 2 Pale Ones have taken the field.

                  Lord Talander believes that they are separate Pale Ones, though not the same ones that fought in Verath. We believe that they have taken the war to a new level, and have decided to end it a quickly as they can. We will prepare another report after the new year and provide it to you as soon as it is ready.

                  North: The enemy emerged from the mountains that run along the northern boarder of Narovoo and the Queen’s Lands, not far from the City of Rezport. We have not been able to determine how they were able to mobilize so quickly without any of our agents finding them. The Pale One that attacked Falion city has fallen back to these mountains and has fortified them. Fighting has broken out all over the north. Fortunately, the Argent Tide was able to quickly mobilize their forces in the north near Severius so the city is not in immediate danger.

                  East: The east has stayed stable. The Legion has taken a defensive stance as some of their number was taken north to participate in that campaign.

                  South: The Pale Legion has again stepped up their efforts in the south. The second Pale One to take the field appeared here, and has fortified the forests. Lord Talander and Westmir have managed to contain the Pale Shadows for now, but they believe they are gathering their strength to prepare for a new offensive.

                  West: The western front has almost completely collapsed. The Monastery of 10000 Lanterns is constantly under threat. Fortunately, the improvements to its fortifications have held and the monastery holds for now. Falion is completely under enemy control as far as we can tell, though we have yet to hear from any our agents who were in the City when it fell. The Legion has moved some of its forces further West and has begun to advance on Titanus. King MuTt and and his Black Knights are fighting hard, but we fear it is only a matter of time before the city comes under siege. There has also been skirmishes among the Orc tribes of Northern Westerland. While they are fighting Legion forces, it also seems there is some infighting going on. For the first time, Ku’Vahl has become a Legion target. Legion forces have become emboldened by their victory and have pushed south. The Kingdom of the Night is hesitant to mobilize for fear of the weapon used at Falion.

                  Legend –
                  Green Zones: Areas which could potentially be attacked by The Pale Legion, but which are firmly within the control of Terath’s United Forces and as such are currently under no direct threat. These regions are very well protected, and are not under any active risk of immediate loss to the enemy, generally speaking.

                  Yellow Zones: Areas which are thinly protected or mostly controlled by Terath’s Unified Forces, but are not well fortified or defended. These regions risk being targeted and lost to the Pale Legion. Skirmishes may occasionally occur in these territories, but military leaders do not consider these to be active conflict zones.

                  Orange Zones: Areas of active conflict where Pale Legion forces are currently attempting to claim control. Pale Legion encampments and troops movements persist regularly within these areas. Small battles between the Pale Legion and Terath’s Unified Forces are happening constantly here.

                  Red Zones: Areas which are firmly within the control of The Pale Legion. Enemy forces within these areas are well fortified, and greatly outnumber any local Terathian forces which might attempt to seize control. Note: There are also three red zones which are currently blanketed in red fog. These regions are the primary bases of operation for the Pale Legion. They are so well fortified that there is currently no avenue of attack traditional military action which would allow them to be retaken.

                  In Service,

                  Lord General Shaw
                  Kingdom of Westerland
                  The Terathian Vigil

                  Xukkuth d’ Barra

                    Clad in black scale armor, Xukkuth d’ Barra will enter the tavern bearing a rolled piece of parchment in one hand. After taking a moment to unroll and post the parchment on the wall, he will flash a parting smirk before departing the building with haste.

                    The parchment reads:

                    To You-Know-Who-You-Are,

                    As I have said before, I like to make a habit of answering asked questions.

                    Falion City has not fallen.

                    Not quite, anyway. According to my contacts there (which are becoming rapidly silent), the outer city is firmly and unquestioningly held by the Pale Legion – not to mention the surrounding region. However, the inner city still stands, for now, in part due to the power of a magical item which has reinforced their defenses.

                    This information is current as of the strike of midnight, last night. Do not mistake this for some contrived call to arms, simply an answer to an inquiry.

                    Take care of yourselves; that’ll be hard enough, don’t you think?

                    ~ X

                    Sanjuro Kurosawa

                      Boji Smash will enter the tavern hefting two heavy looking great hammers over his shoulder.
                      He makes his way to a table and sets the hammers down on the table with a heavy thud before taking a seat. Boji then pulls out a large book from under his fur coat and sets it on the table in front of him and will let out a sigh followed by a grumble before opening it and reading its contents.

                      Marley Sage

                        The taverns thick door will slam against the inner wall, as if from a kick delivered outside. Karkarov, strangely axless, and juggling in both hands, a rather large glass bowl filled with sloshing liquid.

                        “Cider for all”, he booms settling it, ladle and all, unsteadily on the bar, ” old Family recipe!”

                        The musclebound gypsy spies Boji, a toothy grin twisting onto his unshaven red flushed, face. A moment later, three mugs brimming with the apple brew, he plops next to the reader, and profers two of them.

                        “How heavy the price of var? Just look what they have done to us!”

                        Karkarov eyes the other barbaric man’s tome, exclaiming in indignant tones, whilst withdrawing a fat book of his own to thumb through.

                        “Studying – a fate worse than death!!! How did it come to this, O Smash?”

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                        Sanjuro Kurosawa

                          “Ah, thanks my friend”
                          Boji grabs up the cider and chugs it down letting out a window rattling belch as he slams the empty mugs down on the table.
                          “I do hate reading but if I am to find out more about the Winter Maul and how to restore it’s power I have too.”


                            As you gather in the tavern in an attempt to escape the cold rain, all those within hear a clear chime sound. Intuitively, you recognize the sound and the magic that has created it. It comes from a diamond shaped brass plate with a red tassel that hangs from a corner of the tavern.

                            The magic of the item makes you immediately aware that someone is attempting to scry on you. Acting without hesitation, Sonya (who was next to the board where you have posted the prophecies you have encountered) pulls down a tapestry and conceals the board.

                            Valdimarr (who was in the middle of a conversation with Yuri, Nikoli and Silmarwen) begins to loudly argue about how he can’t believe that anyone thinks it is a good idea to trust the undead of the Kingdom of the Night. They were directly responsible for the fall of Falion City and cannot be trusted not to betray the people of Terath. And that trying to utilize undead in the war effort will just lead to more betrayals.

                            A few seconds later, the chime sounds again and you are aware that the attempt failed (blocked by the magic of the item).


                              Sonya waits for awhile more before rolling the tapestry back up. She then adds a paper that she had been working on earlier

                              The following is a list of the Pale Ones and their specialties, listed in order from most powerful to least powerful:

                              First, the mightiest of the six Pale Ones is the one who guards the Pale Isle. This is universally acknowledged, although this creature’s skills are unknown. Second, the next Pale One has mastered the art of bonding his own Pale Shadows to the living flesh of the Dirt Dwarf cheiftains, enthralling their clans. Third, the cruel master who personally commands the Skarran, and who holds himself as the father of the Skarran ShadowLord. Fourth, a Pale One greatly gifted with artifice and with all forms of magical domination. Fifth, a Pale master of correspondence magic, including scrying, planar magiks, and other forms of spacetime manipulation. Sixth, the weakest of the Pale Ones is a true lord of elemental magic, though his strength is said to have been crippled after suffering an attack which originated from Herromere’s Castle.


                                Sibella, who has been sitting quietly in the corner reading, looks up and sets her book on the table.

                                After she takes in all the information gathered about the Pale Ones, she turns to Sonya, a hint of fear in her eyes.

                                “If the Pale Ones know that the attack that crippled on of theirs originated at Herromere’s Castle, do they know who caused it?”

                                PC: Rory Brooker
                                Retired PC: Sibella R. Listrotov
                                OOG: Chelsea Baldwin


                                  Sonya scowls at the question and gives a curt nod.
                                  “I think it would be foolish of us to think The Pale Ones are unaware of our involvement.”

                                  She shuffles through some papers in front of her. With her head down she comments.

                                  “It isn’t like people have been quiet about it.”

                                  Slayer of Heroes

                                    “Indeed.” The voice comes from the entrance to the tavern, and the moment it is voiced, Malestrazza appears. “I expect at some point or another we will see some kind of retaliation.” The young alchemist finds his way to an empty table and sits. “I’m not exactly sure how I got mixed up in this whole war, you know. . .” As he trails off into of silence, his train of thought has obviously been broken. Then with sudden sharpness, he asks, “Does anyone know what happened to the people who escaped the Drift? If anyone knows how to possibly trace any of their whereabouts, please let me know. They might know where the person I’m looking for is. And until I’m able to establish that contact in Resport, does anyone have any contacts there that I could make use of? I’m curious about a few things.” With his question out in the open, Malestrazza seems more at ease, as if one less thing is troubling him. “Now about this war. . . What’s our next move?”

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