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      Oni sits up quickly, as if waking from a nightmare, his eyes smile at a chance for mischief.

      *The shadows swirl about and he dissapears.*

      Chris W

        “Thank you Lanre. Oh, by the way – if anyone is selling poisons, I’m looking for one of everything you might have to offer. Strange request, but it’s a personal thing.”

        “Before I head out to take care of some business over the next couple of days, do any of you have an idea as to when we might want to gather and take care of Daryoon’s request? I’d like to be back around for that.”


          Sonya grumbles

          “They WILL give me that ring back.”

          She then pulls out some parchment and starts to slowly write a letter. After a moment she looks up.

          “Oh yeah, take note that in one of my visions we needed a great amount of ritual components to be able to open Harrowmere’s Keep. I know we had several items and i think a Rune Dust in town treasure to help with that. We need everything we can get to open the doors.”


            With a noticeable crackle of ritual energy, Westmir appears just outside of the tavern. He strides inside looking scarred, charred, and filthy. He apologizes for the interruption and gathers anyone who is present before speaking.

            “I believe that we have most of the things we need to make out attempt at Herromere’s Keep. Talandar and King Vol have helped to gather the things I couldn’t find myself. I have a couple last minute details to see to before we go, but I plan to take anyone who is willing to make this trip in two weeks time. Anything we can’t get a hold of by then, we will just have to do without. I recommend you get a hold of anything and everything you can that you think will be helpful, especially components of all sorts. I have no time to stay and answer questions now, but I wish you all well. I hope to see everyone in two weeks ready to journey to the Keep. Good luck.”

            He hurries back outside and with another powerful crackle of energy, he is gone.


              Lanre will nod at Westmir’s words, and then will go back to glancing over a stack of papers that he has before him. After Westmir leaves the cartographer will speak up. “I might need the help of an alchemist, or a confectioner, if there are any volunteers. Getting into Herromere’s Keep is tricky business, and involves a little bit of… eating.”

              Raising his eyebrows up and down in mock self-importance, Lanre says “My master, The MapMaker, has already provided us with a great boon for entering the keep. I’m certain that his are far more potent than mine will be. If you still have yours, you should definitely bring it with you.” Lanre will reach into a pouch, drawing forth a small piece of white candy. “They look like this.”
              “The MapMaker gave us nearly a score of these over a year ago. They will be a great boon to any who managed to hang on to theirs all this time. Who among us still has one?”


                Sonya glances at Lanre and squints at what he holds in his hand.

                “Dah, i still have mine. I thought it just gave you true seeing as long as you had it in your mouth.”


                  Lanre bursts out laughing. “Ha! I bet it does. But when you actually eat it is when it works it’s best magic, and that only works when you enter Herromere’s Keep.”

                  Marley Sage

                    Karkarov slumps into the tavern with ink-stained hands, as Lanre pontificates.

                    “I vant kandy!

                    “Also, Ferris…anyone…have we learned more about the Runic Sanctum?”

                    The gypsy scrunches up his nose and frowns.

                    “Ew, it smells like vizardry, in here. Someone open a vindow.”

                    OOG: Marley Sage Gable, Staff Director & Plot Team Member

                    PC: Rigel - Asurkian Bard ~ Alchemist Artificer

                    Xukkuth d’ Barra

                      Unceremoniously, Xukkuth d’ Barra saunters into the tavern, an air of weary victory in his steps. He carefully retrieves a large piece of parchment from the scroll case at his hip, managing to keep it clean despite the fresh mud caked upon his clothes. With a quick two-fingered salute of greeting (and an obligatory cheeky wink) to the adventurers in the tavern, the dark elf posts the following situation report upon the wall.

                      Adventurers of Northwatch (Queen’s Town),

                      Here is some news from your friendly neighborhood..well, me. This report includes our best estimation of the state of the war today, and includes an overview of the conflict as it proceeded during this past month.

                      North: As before, no real Pale Legion presence exists in the North, save for a small band of Troglodytes which attacked an Argent Tide training camp a few weeks ago. In fact, a small number of mercenaries and a handful of kingdom soldiers have abandoned their defensive posts in order to join up with the Argent Tide on the field of battle in Myzentius. Additionally, there has been a small amount of fighting on the southern border of Chindius, and while the skirmishes were very minor, the growing conflict in the East may soon spread further North.

                      East: The East suffered greatly in October, fighting desperately against the new troglodyte “Shock Troops”. These elementally infused troglodytes seem to swell in number with every passing day. While the ‘Shock Troops’ continued to push hard towards the city of Creon, they were unable to get into position to assault the city directly. Fighting to the west of the Vallis Bay has become more intense, as Pale Legion Forces begin to encroach onto the eastern edge of Haven.

                      South: Terathian Forces rallied in the south, turning a likely defeat into a great victory against The Pale Legion. The last two months have gone better for Haven than any would have expected. Indeed, most military advisors expected the city of Vol to face a difficult siege by now. Brilliant military tactics, amazing luck, and careful execution have resulted in placing Haven onto good footing. Adoption of The Starfall Initiative protocols also seem to have made a huge difference in the southern campaign. A great number of Pale Legion forces still inhabit the vast forest of Haven of course, and there is no doubt that the war in the South will continue. Even so, as autumn deepens in Terath, very few believe that The Pale Legion has the strength in the South to sweep over Haven and lay seige to the City of Vol before the snows fall.

                      West: The fighting in Ebrus and Westerland continued in earnest during October small battles erupting near the Ebran border of The Queen’s Lands. Most troubling of all is that The Pale Legion seems to have had their own streak of luck in discovering and destroying supply transports throughout Ebrus. Although King West and Captain K have not yet adopted protocals from The Starfall Initiative, Margrave Thrull of The Windward Spire is said to have thrown open the doors of his fortress in order to welcome any allies that wish to aid Ebrus in their defense. It is unknown whether or not King West has granted his permission to do so, but rumors indicate that other Margraves in Ebrus may soon follow Margrave Thrull’s example in order to encourage interkingdom cooperation in the struggle against The Pale Legion.


                      Legend –
                      Green Zones: Areas which could potentially be attacked by The Pale Legion, but which are firmly within the control of Terath’s United Forces and as such are currently under no direct threat. These regions are very well protected, and are not under any active risk of immediate loss to the enemy, generally speaking.

                      Yellow Zones: Areas which are thinly protected or mostly controlled by Terath’s Unified Forces, but are not well fortified or defended. These regions risk being targeted and lost to the Pale Legion. Skirmishes may occasionally occur in these territories, but military leaders do not consider these to be active conflict zones.

                      Orange Zones: Areas of active conflict where Pale Legion forces are currently attempting to claim control. Pale Legion encampments and troops movements persist regularly within these areas. Small battles between the Pale Legion and Terath’s Unified Forces are happening constantly here.

                      Red Zones: Areas which are firmly within the control of The Pale Legion. Enemy forces within these areas are well fortified, and greatly outnumber any local Terathian forces which might attempt to seize control. Note: There are also three red zones which are currently blanketed in red fog. These regions are the primary bases of operation for the Pale Legion. They are so well fortified that there is currently no avenue of attack traditional military action which would allow them to be retaken.

                      Remember, the Starfall Initiative was only meant to be the beginning.

                      Xukkuth d’ Barra
                      Shadow of the Vallahorien
                      Card Player and Fair-weather Friend

                      Xukkuth d’ Barra

                        Xukkuth will stand from where he seated himself in the tavern, matching the gaze of Karkarov for a quick moment before he addresses no one in particular, simply the room. With an awkward clearing of his throat, he will say:

                        “I have seen something in the stars, perhaps something worth your time. I know your intentions and where your path will lead you very soon – past the coldest of places to the edge of the world. I fear the endeavor’s outcome, for surely much can be gained and much can be lost – as usual – all dependent on, well, pulling the right string in a ball of prophetic yarn. Even now, the stars twinkle in sets of four, perhaps hinting to pairs of…doors or gates to be passed through, to be overcome.

                        As always, be prepared. Where you intend to tread, men were willingly ripped asunder and great weapons forged. Ritual magic calls that place home and its sins and kindnesses stalk the place. To me and mine, it is both sacred and unholy ground.

                        There will be many doors which can be opened where you go and some – nay, many – of these doors will require a great expenditure of ritual components. Bring your magics and ensure there is no end to your gems and dust, for at the conclusion of your journey, there certainly will be.

                        I will ask more questions and hope for more answers. Be well – a little bit of luck can go a long way.”

                        With that, Xukkuth will approach Karkarov and the two will withdraw to speak privately.


                          A stranger, garbed in a loose fitting robe enters the tavern. Shuffling over to towards where people have congregated. Slowly, with shaking hands the figure will lower the hood to reveal Ambassador Ssky. He looks around, taking in the people in the tavern, and speaks.

                          Friends, I come as the bearer of bad news. For many weeks now my people have been trying to infiltrate the Myzantian Pale Legion stronghold, but we have not been met with any success.

                          We have tried following a number of caravans transporting runes and searching the underrealm for some access to their base. We sent in some of our number to try and infiltrate the ranks of the Troglodytes, but we have not heard from them so we assume the worst.

                          Ssky will look around again, and collapse into an empy chair, wincing as if sore.

                          The group I was with was discovered, and we barley made it out. Something is happening in the Peaks of Adjua, of that I am sure. We will continue to track the caravans. Though slow going, it seems our best lead at this point. Now, I am sure you have questions for me. If I can, I would like to rent a room for tonight and tomorrow so I can spend some time recovering.

                          At this, Ssky will lean back in the chair and visibly relax.


                            Orthia will come over with a mug of water and hand it over to Ssky. “Orian and I run the tavern you are welcome to have a room on the house tonight.” Orthia will go behind the counter and come back with a key and hand to Ssky. “It is the room in the back corner.”


                              Ssky will take the cup and drain it quickly. He will then excuse himself to his room where he can rest. After spending the last week recovering, he enters the main room and addresses those inside,

                              Thank you all for your efforts. With the destruction of the Runic Sanctum, my people are no longer being offered up as sacrificial soldiers for the Pale Ones. For those of you who may not have been aware, the transformation they were going through granted great elemental power, but at a terrible price.

                              The life span of my kin who were subjected to this, was reduced to mere weeks. I do not mean because they were sent to die on the front lines, but that the power was unstable and eventually broke free. I have been corresponding with Trayavan, and he has been spreading the word that it was thanks to your efforts we are no longer threatened with that fate.

                              Ssky will pause for a moment, and then continue.

                              I thank you for everything, but must be on my way now that I have healed. I am going to meet Trayavan in Ebrus, hopfully we can use this news to win more of my kin to our side.

                              With that, Ssky will thank everyone in the tavern and walk out, heading North.


                                As the reaches its zenith, a solitary elf will enter the tavern. Carrying simple looking armor and weapons, he will look around and upon seeing Dame Earfalas, he will walk over and begin speaking to her.

                                ‘Dame Earfalas, it’s good to see. I see your outpost is receiving a visit from the wisps. May I sit? There are some matters I would discuss with you.’

                                J’hunai Noquar

                                  Immediately recognizing the new visitor, Silmarwen will stand respectfully with a welcoming smile. Upon being greeted, she will sit and offer a seat at her table.

                                  ” Good to see you as well, my friend. I don’t believe I’ve ever seen you all the way down here in little Northwatch. I can imagine you have been pretty occupied as of late. To what do we owe the pleasure?” Silmarwen will say before briefly turning toward the bar. “Can I get you anything to eat or drink?”

                                  J'hunai Noquar
                                  Child of Earth Magic


                                    The stranger will nod and take a seat,

                                    ‘Water please, and something I can eat on the road if possible. I am heading to the Broken City to attend a war counsel. I wanted to speak to you about these Will-O-Wisps that have been visiting you.’

                                    Once the food and drink are brought to him, he will drink deeply and place the food in a bag before continuing.

                                    From what my scouts have found, they come from a small island just south of the Ethlin Isles. This island was once the site of an alchemical research center that was lost during Typhon’s attack. A team was sent to excavate the ruins there in hopes of recovering some of the lost research, but we have lost contact with them.

                                    Now that we know the Pale Legion favors Artifice over ritual magic to create new weapons, we can’t rule out the possibility that they have sent agents to claim the research. If you are willing to investigate, I can have a guide take you as close as they can.

                                    While it would seem these wisps are a message sent from someone who went to reclaim the research, I am not familiar with anyone who would have the ability to conjure such things. Also, the reference to being a student of ‘Root and Vine’ doesn’t mean anything to me.

                                    There are additional factors we don’t know, and with the Pale Legion still pressing hard on all fronts I can’t divert any more of my forces then I already have. If you choose to go, you will have to go through the southern isle, and all the monsters that are left over from the war. This map will lead you to where you can meet the guide.

                                    I have to be on my way now. The Steward has been growing agitated as the war progresses, and he will not be pleased if I am late.’

                                    With that, the elf will hand Dame Earfalas a rolled up piece of paper and bid farewell. He will leave the tavern, heading east.

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