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      The tavern door swings open. Sibella and Nadia walk in, looking disheveled and exhausted. Yet, you van see a sense of relief In their eyes. They go to Sibella’s usual corner table and set down all of their gear. Sibella carefully leans Herromere’s staff against the wall. She then crosses the tavern and gets two bottles from the bar and reutrns to the table. Sibella and Nadia both raise their bottles to each other, as if to toast one another; and then they both take long drinks from the bottles. As Sibella sets hers on the table, she looks around the room and sighs heavily.
      Daryoon is alive and out of the Keep. He says that he will make a few appearances here and there; but never too long in the same spot. Sibella takes her coat off and drapes it over the back of her chair I First, I want to point out that Nadia was truly brilliant. She saved me on more than one occasion. I know I would’ve been worse off if she had not been there with me.
      Sibella raises her bottle to Nadia once more and drinks
      Second, thank you to all who accompanied us to Frostmar Breach. Nadia and I sincerely appreciated the company.
      Once we parted ways, we set off through the ice wall. We hadn’t gone very far when we started to get extremely cold. Nadia told me that it felt like it was a supernatural type of cold. At one point, we wanted to just turn back, we were getting confused and a little delusional. It really did take everything we had to encourage each other to keep going. Once on the other side of the wall, and it the sun again, we felt much better. We decided to head north towards the mountains and decided to take a break. Get some food and rest. I must have bumped it or something, but the Staff started rolling down the hill and landed in the middle of a bunch a ferals. Of course we ran after it, and after Nadia dropped one feral, the others scattered pretty quickly. One of them, throwing the staff further downs hill where it fell into a ravine.

      Sibella pauses to take another drink
      After climbing down the ravine and collecting the staff we noticed a cave at the far end of the ravine. Thinking that, maybe the staff was leading us there somehow, we decided to move on toward the cave. Apart from the occasion spider and goblin we were pretty safe in there. At one point, we came to a fork where we could go either up or down deeper into the cave. I had a gut feeling, and after talking it out with Nadia, we decided to go down.
      After a while, it started to smell very stale and old, the tunnel eventually opened up into a large cavern with 16 doors spread out on 4 different floor levels. All with faint runes carved on them. It was very old, I couldn’t identify any of them. As soon as we walked in there, the staff got warm and let off a faint glow and one of the doors, it looked heavy and stone, let off the same glow on the third floor slowly opened. Naturally our curiosity got to us and we went through the door. When the door closed behind us and extinguished all the light, we reluctantly prepared for the worse. As we did, another door opened. When we walked through, we looked around and found ourselves in a hall way with very large doors and runes carved all over them.
      We were in the lower levels of Herromere’s Keep.

      Sibella will pause again, her eyes darting back and forth as if reliving everything that she had seen
      We made a decision to not open any of the doors we came upon. We just climbed staircase after staircase.
      After making different decisions throughout the Keep…
      Sibella glances to Nadia Regarding which ways we should go and what would be best, we found ourselves in another long hallway.
      This time though, we weren’t alone.
      Daryoon came running through a door, covered in blood. He threw fire at something on the other side and sealed the doors with ritual magic of some kind. Once he slid to the ground to rest, he noticed Nadia and I standing there watching. He was…… surprised, to say the least, that we were there. Once we explained my vision and why we were the only ones there, Daryoon handed me a leather pouch that felt heavy. He showed me what was inside. It was the seven necklaces that we had left there previously.
      After explaining to Nadia why she could not have the “pretty necklaces”
      She looks to Nadia, smiles and winks Daryoon teleported us to Vol. Explaining that we need to find the Spirit Master and give him the necklaces. As we were walking through the village, the staff got very warm when we went into an herb shop. After making a few inquiries with a portly man behind a counter, his facial features shifted. He was the Spirit Master. After giving him the necklaces and explaining that Daryoon had sent us, he thanked us and stated that he would use them for killing and Pale One.
      After leaving the shop, the staff got very warm again and we were teleported to just outside of Northwatch,

      Sibella sits back down and drinks from her bottle again.
      … And here we are.

      PC: Rory Brooker
      Retired PC: Sibella R. Listrotov
      OOG: Chelsea Baldwin


        All who are gathered in the Tavern in Northwatch can feel their skin tingle as another scrying attempt fails to breach the Tavern’s protection.

        A few minutes pass, and the adventurers can feel a second attempt. This one feels slightly different, however. Where the first felt like a hammer crashing against protective magical defenses, the second attempt feels more like a slithering attempt to squirm past, seeking out gaps. Although this secondary attempt fails, there is a barely perceptible smell which lingers afterward, almost reminiscent of a silversheen oil.

        In the stillness that follows, an unfamiliar voice whispers harshly into the silence.

        “The Tree of Arcas sways in the fog…

        “…They will come here, brothers. They will walk in this place long after a time and rage have rendered it all to little more than memory. …to face their wrath. They ride upon the currents of a Dark Tide. … Death and Glory.

        “Once Divided, now United.

        “A price paid to temper the edge of the burning steel… Eviscerated and Reborn. A Full Moon at Dawn. The day comes, at last.”


          Leaf scratches the back of his head while taking a pull from a glass. “Well if that wasn’t the creepiest thing I’ve ever experienced I don’t know what it. …”

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