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    Marley Sage


    Some forums that are designated In Game, such as the one in which you are reading this post. We’ve had some questions about how that works, so here are some answers!

    Most of the posts in these forums are representative of a character’s use of Items called the Cerulean Boards to share information publicly. It’s probably Magic. They’re found across Lairroth & Terath. Characters can post physical writing for incorporation or scrawl on Boards themselves.

    Sometimes characters want to designate that their Post is private and can only be seen by certain, other chosen characters, and the Boards allow this function.  Just as they cause someone who is not in Disguise to have the name by which they are widely known appended to the bottom of their Posts.

    Unfortunately (though this will soon change), our present software doesn’t allow us to use the same OOG method to show that a post was private IG, which was to create a red X to the right of the Thread / Topic.  It was referenced at the top of posts (which you may see in action if you scroll back through older postings) like this

    ” OOG Note: The “Red X” Icon designates that all posts/responses within this thread are visible only to non-retired PC Characters.”

    For the time being, because the In-Game function of the Cerulean Boards mark things private remains intact, we ask that to make that clear that you just add two capital XXs at the start of such topic names. Also, don’t hesitate to use text at the top of a thread for crystal clear communication.

    Example topic names: “XX Necromancer Cult” or “XX Where’s Krow”

    Example thread topper: “OOG Note: The XX designates that all posts/responses within this thread are visible only to non-retired PC Characters.”

    I’ve gone through and edited recent private threads to reflect XX standards.

    OOG: Marley Sage Gable, Staff Director & Plot Team Member

    PC: Rigel - Asurkian Bard ~ Alchemist Artificer

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