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      I’ve some interesting, and rather time-sensitive, news to share. With the support of a few allies, I’ve managed to dig up word of a very troubling situation in a forest to the north of Queenslands capital, The Broken City, not all that far from the border between The Queenslands and Narovo.

      In a pocket of rather wild and lawless lands on the northern edge of the kingdom, there is a forest where a unified force of Goblins and Orks have begun to harvest lumber en masse, perhaps to use for the building of siege engines, or perhaps just to make a grand hall for their great war leader.

      With each chop of their heavy axes, these malevolent warriors move ever closer to a hidden druidic grove which stands atop a natural primal nexus of mystic and necromantic power. I’m no primal mage, but Master Whisperwind is a legend in such circles, and having heard of this old grove, he has informed me that it rests upon a natural pendulum of sorts within the magical fabric of our land; swinging back and forth between the mystical forces of life and death. What’s more, the protectors of this grove have travelled far abroad in the hopes of lending their aid in restoring distant blighted lands.

      In this place, Druids such as Master Whisperwind and I would occasionally seek out Blessed Sufly leaves blossoming in a mystic bloom of bright power, or would find Charred Sufly leaves withering within a dark aura. But soon, if nothing is done, the Orks and Goblins will either lay claim to this ancient grove, or will chop it down and lay waste to its power for once and all.

      While I doubt there will be much true treasure to claim, I believe that protecting this druidic grove to be a worthy cause. If you are willing to join me in a strike against the creatures that threaten this place of power, then please meet me in The Queenlands on the eve of the Thirteenth. I’ll be waiting only an hour’s walk north of SixRoads Crossing, less than a day’s distance from the Narovo border.

      Edwin Barsavi
      Alderman of Northwatch


        If dere is Orks and Goblins in da area I may be able to tell any tactics or logic dey trying to use; I’m sure there’s bound to be a shaman or chief wit dem to guide dem bunch of gitz.

        -Ancestors guide us, Kaptin Zagstruk

        "Vengeance is just an echo of the victim's own crime, and I am their voice" Do'Argo Jarsthae, Black Knight of the Blades of Scorn


          I’m good at stabbing things, so I can assist in that regard.


          PC: Rory Brooker
          Retired PC: Sibella R. Listrotov
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            I’ll be there


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