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      To the Residents of the NorthWatch Adventurer’s Outpost,

      His Majesty King Dulcimere Mendax has received word regarding the activities of the creature which is now often referred to as “The Crippled Pale One”, and wishes to share this news with you in person, and perhaps speak with you about potential steps that you may wish to take.

      King Mendax was a close ally to Northwatch during the time of the Pale War, and hopes that alliance can be continued, especially as the activities that he wishes to discuss involve powers within the Ruined City of Ku’Vahl, and are likely to impact the balance of power amongst the some of the mightiest undead with the Kingdom of The Night.

      His Majesty plans on venturing to Northwatch and offering a simple dinner on Wednesday Evening for those who wish to discuss this matter, and he requests that, in the spirit of hospitality, each of you who choose join the discourse bring something to share. He also suggests that you come armed for potential conflict, as you may wish to take quick action.

      Seneschal Vasser

      Aide to King Dulcimere Mendax
      Province of Nadrak in the Kingdom of Ebrus

      Out of Game Note: This Wednesday Event is Potluck

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