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    Dr. McLaughlin

      Greetings from your friendly neighborhood Quarter Master! For the sake of brevity and clarity, I need your help.

      As you know, our weapon stock is in constant need of safe equipment. I have compiled a list of weapons we’re in need of currently. you’ll find it below!

      I also looked at our weapon rewards, and have reworked them cause I felt the previous rewards did not match up with weapon build time nor cost. You can view them here!

      A big change is we’re no longer accepting materials, but complete weapons instead. You are awarded MP for each weapon, and SP for each batch completed. How it works is I’ll post orders that need to be filled on the QM board. You can reply in said post for orders you wish to fulfill. I’ll assign that order to you and provide materials if we have them. Build them out, bring them to me/staff, we’ll safety check them and award your MP and SP accordingly. Don’t worry if you fail to complete a batch order, as I’ll be tracking total contributions and you will be rewarded SP when you do fill out a batch. If you bring me weapons that we didn’t request, I’ll not be accepting them as we only have so much storage space currently, and I need to gauge if we’ll have the space to accommodate.

      The above rewards are only in regards to BOFFER weapons you BUILT WITH YOUR OWN TWO HANDS ACCORDING TO THE WEAPON CRAFTING GUIDE. Any special weapon orders we request (like unique NPC/Plot weapons made with alternative materials) will award a unique amount of SP and MP on a case by case basis.

      Don’t worry if you don’t know how to build weapons either. I have instructions, measurements and videos that will guide you through the process of building a weapon. I’ll list them below!

      Weapon Crafting Guide:

      Weapon Size Requirements:

      The below videos are also a good reference, just be sure to keep inline with the 2″ thrusting tip size. Silicone is optional, but it will extend the build time by days. Trust me, I tried it out.

      Part 1 of how to make a Boffer:

      Part 2 of how to make a Boffer:

      How to make a shield:

      I hope you will aid me in this mighty quest, as I am only one man with a need for many weapons! Thanks for your time!


        Note: For other types of time-intensive project work related to the game, please make sure you coordinate with Staff and receive pre-approval before you begin, so that we can make sure that your large scale efforts are able to be rewarded.

        Project Reward General Guidelines –
        Up to 0.5 Skill Points per hour & 1 Mythic Point per hour. Not to exceed pre-approved maximum rewards defined for each project.

        Every project is different, so the exact rewards may vary, but players who have joined our Staff team will always need to discuss & define a maximum reward for every project, which must be pre-approved and communicated ahead of time.


        Mike M.

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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