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    I am cross-posting this in multiple forums for maximum visibility

    Hello everyone,

    Mythic is truly blessed in that we have access to a resource few LARPs do, a permanent indoor location to have events. The Castle of Chaos.

    As Castle is owned by the man who founded Mythic (James Bernard), he has always been very generous with letting us use it.

    Part of using it though, is that we honor the trust placed in us and act as good stewards. That we treat castle as if it were our own, to make sure that we leave no trace of our events there (so castle staff doesn’t have to be our janitor).

    Unfortunately, during the last two events at castle we did not honor this trust. The morning after both events, castle staff arrived to find the main door unlocked and the lobby area filled with trash (fast food containers, empty drink cups, wrappers, discarded items, etc.).

    This meant that rather then start their own daily tasks (as they are employees of castle) they first had to go through steps to make sure no one accessed the building between when we left and when they arrived and then had to clean up our mess.

    In light of this, we wanted to ask you, the players of Mythic Realms, for your ideas for solutions to these issues. While we believe that they were one off events, because it happened two events in a row we need to be aware of the situation we are creating for ourselves.

    We are all (every player of Mythic Realms) accountable for our use of Castle.

    Part of the trust placed in us is that Castle doesn’t need to have employees on the premises watching us during events, as they do when other groups use the space.

    Here are some of the ideas mentioned so far:

    1 – During opening announcements, we ask who will be last out the door. That person would then be accountable to make sure it is locked (we can show people how, it is super easy once you know). If they then can’t do it, they would need to find someone to take their place.

    2 – We treat the end of events at Castle like we do weekends, treasure cannot be split and items cannot be handed out until a walk through has taken place. This would mean a thorough cleaning of haunt and maze areas as well as making sure the lobby, concessions and large room are cleaned of any trace of our presence.

    Please let us know if you have any ideas, using castle is a fantastic privilege. It is one of the primary reasons we can continue to have regular events year round regardless of weather. Losing this privilege due to our own carelessness would be truly tragic, and not something any of us want to see.

    Thank you,
    Steve C. on behalf of Mythic Realms Staff

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