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    Eyan Kelsch

      Eyan Kelsch pc Beyon Avarici
      Faith Kelsch pc Zyra Avarici


        Jared Baker – PC Simon Phillips

        Put me down for food too.

        Richard Brown

          Richard brown – npc reporting in. (Fud please. Dinner/bfast)

          Grant M

            Change Kyle: He is just attending only friday and no food.

            Marley Sage

              Tomorrow at noon is the deadline to sign up.

              You can certainly attend without signing up, but food is not guaranteed.

              OOG: Marley Sage Gable, Staff Director & Plot Team Member

              PC: Rigel - Asurkian Bard ~ Alchemist Artificer

              Larry Ward

                Zach Ward and Larry Ward will be PCs on Saturday
                Arn and Robert Whiskers
                Also we will not need in game food, bring our own.


                  Blake Gentilcore pc friday saturday

                  "Vengeance is just an echo of the victim's own crime, and I am their voice" Do'Argo Jarsthae, Black Knight of the Blades of Scorn


                    Put me down for breakfast and dinner as well please

                    "Vengeance is just an echo of the victim's own crime, and I am their voice" Do'Argo Jarsthae, Black Knight of the Blades of Scorn

                    Rhea Herrmann


                      Rhea Herrmann and Maggy Strong will be NPC-ing hardcore. We’ll be there through Friday night (including dinner), but not Saturday.


                        Last minute addition.
                        I’ll be there, PCing.
                        If possible put me down for dinner and breakfast.

                        This is Baxter

                        Grant M

                          Correction again: Kyle will not being showin gup at all. Can you remove him from the PC list?

                          Michael K Ricks

                            Reminder that I have paid for food for the event. Thank you.

                            Michael Ricks


                              Steve Hagen PC -fickle John raven
                              James Bernard pc- couple characters
                              Contessa Carter pc- Xack Rile
                              Rob Leigh – pc
                              Food for all

                              Travis Emery

                                What an amazing Winterfest everyone!
                                Thanks to all the staff for putting in the long hours and extra work to make this Winterfest as great as the others.
                                Thanks to the NPC’s who fought so hard, and kept coming back for more to give us combat situations like we’ve not seen before.
                                And an especially big thanks to those who came out to PC for the first event where we had over 100 people!

                                Mythic Realms keeps getting greater, and its players do so in turn.

                                Excellent Winterfest, excellent people, let’s keep this train going!

                                "You know nothing of passion. When your rage can sunder mountains, you may speak to me of passion."
                                -- Krowthus Quince of the Clan of the Bear, summer 215


                                  Agreed. I had a blast. The decorations, cake, food, adventures and the hard working npc’s made this such a wonderful event! I had a amazing time from harassing the merchant from Akeron, watching King Mutt execute someone under the flag of peace, running around sweaty and out of breath in the Trial of Fire, and much more. Thank you so much for your hard work and devotion to the game. You make it great!


                                Viewing 15 posts - 49 through 63 (of 63 total)
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