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    Hey everyone, at a recent staff meeting plot was asked to put up some posts about…well plot. After searching the archive boards, I found a fantastic thread about this very topic. It was authored by one Tom Turney, who tragically left us for a more physical larp (curse you SCA!!). While he played though, he made a number of posts to share what he had learned after many years of playing Mythic.

    I think it is all still very relevant, and so I am going to repost it here so it continues on. I have made a few edits to the body of the post, but they are updates to things like the plot email address.

    Steve and the Plot Team

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    Posted by Tom T. on February 15, 2011

    I have been playing Mythic Realms off and on for 10 years. During that time I have been part of great plot and I have not. This is my guide for getting plot for your-self.

    The first and foremost rule of plot is this: Plot does not fall in your lap.

    All those people out there that seem to be connected to every big baddie in the world got there by working for it. Sometimes it took them YEARS to get in that position. Xefrom did not walk into the game and immediately get all buddy-buddy with the king. It took TIME. Daryoon was not apprenticed to Nadrak as a 15 point character in 1999. Both of them (thanks for letting me use you as examples) worked hard to get there.

    I can promise you that there are VERY FEW (Read: None) NPCs that will approach the “Silent dude in the corner” to give him vital information… I know this because I was that guy for several years. You have to TALK to people. ESPECIALLY NPCs. Role playing is one of the hardest parts of this game. It is also the most valuable skill that you can have in Mythic, I do not need combat skill or money or anything else if I have friends.

    Here are a few way to get contacts:
    1: Email the plot team ( or talk to them at events. Tell them what you are doing between events. Quarion (my PC) may spend months in Ethlinspire schmoozing dignitaries or trying to talk to people or even adventuring on behalf of that city, but it will do me no good if nobody knows what I am doing.

    2: Talk to NPCs. This one can be harder, possibly even the hardest thing to do. NPC can often get monopolized by one or two PCs. Here are a couple of tricks that you can use to help. Email the plot team “Dear General so-and-so, the next time you are in town I would like to talk to you about such and such”. Now the npc will come looking for you. Interrupt politely, say “Excuse me so-and-so I would like to have a word with your before you leave”. This allows you ether to talk to the NPC or email them after the event if you missed them; “I did not get that chance to speak with you, what I wanted to talk about is this….” You can catch them as they come into town and out of town. As they walk out of town, walk up to them “Excuse me…” Often golden opportunities will present themselves. At this past winterfest Rhoum repeatedly said he would field questions. I did not see may people take him up on this offer…. Why? There is an immense database for knowledge.

    3: If you can’t beat them, join them. One of the things that Mythic does not have much of is PC to PC mentoring. Go to a person who gets a lot of plot and ask to train under them. What is stopping you from going up to Sir Galathule and asking to become his squire, to learn warfare from a knight, and warmaster. You do not need to be of the same class or even skill set, Quarion used to be a bodyguard for Daryoon as he served as the mage guild leader. If you do not feel comfortable doing that, the next best thing is to hang out near people that get plot. The most direct way is to walk up and say “hey I am so-and-so, can I hang out with you?” in doing so you will put yourself in plot’s way.

    4: Avoid Plot Limiting Decisions (PLDs). Mythic Realms is a good aligned game. You are going to play and openly evil character, you are not going to get the majority of plot. Also doing things like making your character a mute (not to pick on tom), its fun to play, but NPC do not want to pantomime long and involved discussions. The same goes for deaf, blind and otherwise handicapped PCs. The blind monk is an awesome character, but it can also be a PLD.

    5: Form a group: Nothing in the mythic rule book says that you cannot create your own “Band of the Fig Tree”. Get some friends together, and then do things in the name of the fig tree. Farmer have goblin problems? Fig Tree to the rescue! Little Girl lost her daddy, Fig Tree is there! Fighting a big bad guy? Let him tremble at the battle cry “FOR THE FIG TREE!”

    6: Start small: Nobody is going to save the world their first day. Start with mini-quests, side plots. The small stuff that is often overlooked. This gives you a base to move on to bigger things, and there is good loot to be had in it as well.

    7: Have something to talk about: Is General Kelteth coming into town? Is Rhoum visiting? What do you have to tell them? Do you have questions, concerns? Are the farmers locally being attacked almost constantly by goblins? Take it up with the general. Ask him for re-enforcements for the farmers, or let him know that the band of the fig has vanquished the threat. Do you want to know how a creature you recently fought got to be a certain way? Ask Rhoum, he may know. Draw on #3,5, and6 to accomplish #7.

    8: Have patience. Plot does not come overnight. It takes time, and it takes work. It may take you 6 months to get it, but it will come.

    In closing the biggest thing I can offer you if you want plot to come your way, put yourself in its way. You have to make it known that you want plot. It will not be shoved down your throat. You will get all the plot you ask for and work for.

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