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    Travis Emery

    Hey all you wonderful Role-Players,

    With the recent turn of real world events forcing us into digital discord adventures while we wait for the Pharaohs of old to quit cursing the very lands we normal hunt on, we at Mythic Realms understand that for some it is difficult to get involved with a medium like Discord to get their role play fix.
    These events have been quite successful and the majority of players have enjoyed the creativity our plot team has been able to come up with in such short notice, and continues to improve upon even more.
    Even with the world of technology we have to help us, sometimes there are limitations.
    If you find yourself in this situation and are unable to participate due to the lack of a microphone, headphones, or a headset, we would like to offer the opportunity to acquire one at Mythic’s expense.
    These headsets will be limited in number, and you will need to reach out to me directly to discuss how to go about it.
    Please understand that this will only be a simple headset, but we will ensure it will work with the laptop, desktop, windows, or Mac you have so that you too may continue to slay foes, reap rewards, and interact with your fellow townsfolk.
    The sooner you reach out, the better your chances are to get one, and the quicker you will be able to jump on discord and make your character heard!
    Feel free to PM me here on the forums, or email me at knightsentry at msn dot com (broken up to avoid bot spamming).
    Also, if you haven’t already, you can get the discord desktop app by going to and selecting the download for your OS.
    Once installed you can join Mythic here
    If you are not sure what to do after, please let me know and I am more then willing to help.

    Thank you.

    — Travis Emery, Player Emissary

    "You know nothing of passion. When your rage can sunder mountains, you may speak to me of passion."
    -- Krowthus Quince of the Clan of the Bear, summer 215


    You’re the best Travis!

    Thanks for heading something like this up! I hope it helps more people join us and participate during this strange time.

    Thanks bud!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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