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      Weekender Event: May 4th – 6th
      Check in begins at 7:00 PM, In Game starts at 8:00, and combat is to be expected by 8:30

      PC Cost: Member $30 for 4 Skill Points; Non Member $36
      NPC Cost: Free and Earn Rewards
      Food Cost $20 for whole weekend; ½($10) price for NPCs.

      Menu can be found HERE

      Event Location:
      Sawmill Hallow Campground

      Run By: The Mythic Realms Plot Team

      IG Teaser:

      You must generate your own production and have it signed at Logistics at the event on which it is produced by a Staff Member.
      Please keep in mind that an email also must be sent to We want this at least 1 day early, but you must make sure you have it in by the day after the event in order to have valid production items.
      Production blanks and representation guidelines can be found HERE

      Artifice, Class, or Ritual Training:
      If you are in need of Class training, regardless of who you have informed previously, you must e-mail with the subject line “Training for May”. This does not generate a guarantee of training. You must pursue IG channels for your all types of training. Class levels may only be trained a maximum of once per Logistics. Other restriction may apply.

      Please reply to this post with your real name and state whether going to PC/NPC. Give us accurate information and a clear sense of your attendance. If you are PCing it is required that you state the name of the Character or Characters you will be playing. If you are NPCing (or doing so partially for an Overnight or Weekend Event) it is requested that you inform us of your availability if it is not the full event. As a courtesy, if you plan to PC but are willing to NPC, please state that you will ‘NPC on request’.

      Signing up means that treasure will be proportionally generated to include your character. The earlier you sign up, the more likely it is that the Event Runner will notice and include an in-game nod to your presence. A record of always attending when you say you will qualifies you to Quarterly Prizes including gear, character specific media, and in-game rewards.

      You must be clear in your post if you do want to eat delicious foods. If your post does not mention food, it will be assumed you are not signing up for any. It is superfluous to tell us you don’t want food.

      Player – Character | Notes
      1. Kat – Sitka
      2. Chelsea – Sibella
      3. Nick Parks – Wrynn
      4. Pat – Gray
      5. Steven Cook – Boji
      6. Randi – Storm
      7. Zan – Rin
      8. Hyrum – Tybreagus
      9. Melissa – Trielle (Fri & Sat)
      10. Josh – Reginald
      11. Shinai – Dagger
      12. Candiss – Leetah
      13. Angie – Leiaden
      14. Eldon – Mortimer (occasional npc w/Chris)
      15. Grant – Valeron (Partial NPC)
      16. Marshall Biesinger – Jovi Smash (requestable NPC)
      17. Blake – Fudoki
      18. Michael Ricks – Kaine
      19. Lance Ricks – Crusader the Young (some NPC)
      20. Larry – Arn
      21. Valerie – Wakeful
      22. Brooke
      23. Stephen – Lorenzo Li’Sola
      24. Travis Terry – Devis
      25. Kayleigh Terry – Asuna

      Player | Notes
      1. Mike M (Partial PC)
      2. Becca R (Partial PC)
      3. Frank R (Partial PC)
      4. Marley (Partial PC)
      5. Steve C. (Saturday Only)
      6. Barrus (Partial PC)
      7. Chris
      8. Cael
      9. Chris B.
      10. Michelle B.
      11. Barry Ricks
      12. Raven
      13. Josh K.

      Food Count:
      1. Kat
      2. Kayleigh Terry
      3. Nick Parks
      4. Pat
      5. Steven Cook (No Friday)
      6. Randi
      7. Zan
      8. Hyrum
      9. Melissa (Fri & Sat)
      10. Barrus
      11. Mike
      12. Frank
      13. Becca
      14. Candiss
      15. Chris
      16. Raven
      17. Eldon
      18. Cael
      19. Chris B
      20. Michelle B
      21. Chris
      22. Grant
      23. Brooke
      24. Stephen
      25. Angie
      26. Blake
      27. Marshall Biesinger
      28. Travis Terry


        Kat to PC Sitka plus food


          Chelsea PC Sibella + food
          (tentative pending smoothness of moving. Will confirm by 5/1)

          PC: Rory Brooker
          Retired PC: Sibella R. Listrotov
          OOG: Chelsea Baldwin


            Nick parks pc wrynn, requestable npc. Food please


              Pat to PC Gray – Food please.

              Sanjuro Kurosawa

                Steven Cook PC Boji Smash
                Food please. Menu soon?


                  Randi PC Storm and a little bit miyako
                  Food please


                    Zan PC Rin
                    Silas…he’s a baby. He sits around
                    Food please


                      Steve –

                      I wouldn’t expect to see a menu till next week or the week after, but keep an eye out as it may be sooner.

                      Randi –

                      Please make sure you talk to Becca about your time frames. Any time a PC changes characters during an event they need the Plot Head’s sign off. I bring it up because in the past the Plot Team has only loosely enforced it. Becca has decided that she wants it to happen going forward so she knows what PCs will be in game and when.




                        Hyrum Miller to PC Tybreagus
                        Melissa Caldwell to PC Trielle (Friday and Saturday Only)

                        Food for Hyrum for all meals please.
                        Food for Melissa Friday and Saturday only.

                        IG: Squire Tybreagus Heartseeker, Human, White Knight, Citizen of Falconcrest, and all around good guy.


                          Location of event has been updated:

                          Sawmill Hallow Campground

                          We used this site a couple of years ago and people seemed to enjoy it so we are giving it another try (that and Whiting is booked solid)!



                            Barrus(Partial PC)

                            Food please

                            Joshua Ward

                              Josh PC Reginald
                              Shinai PC Dagger


                                Candiss to PC Leetah
                                Chris to NPC
                                Raven to PC Styx
                                Eldon to PC Mortimer (occasional npc w/Chris)
                                Cael to NPC w/Chris

                                Food for all 5.

                                Grant M

                                  Grant – PC Valeron (NPC Partial)

                                  Sanjuro Kurosawa

                                    Change my food to all except Friday night. Thanks

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