Logistics for upcoming events

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    Brooke Foerster

    Hello all,
    Writing for a few reasons, first to thank everyone for being patient while I get the swing of things as logistics and treasure. Secondly, I found some things that are my responsibility that I want to make sure everyone is aware will be happening.
    I will be randomly auditing consumables for expiration and signatures. I’m not going to assume anyone is cheating but it’s common for many of us to know we had one so we assume it’s still good.
    Secondly, I am not doing out of game money exchanges, I’m happy to take straight copper or gems for production but at this time I will not do it out of game. If you pay in gold I will give you change.
    I will also be keeping an eye on the emails, please make sure those are getting in.
    I can view rolls but those also need to be on your E-mail and the coin added to production totals. I currently keep track of what you roll so if there is a question I have an answer.
    I think that’s it, I’ll keep you guys updated, thanks again

    If anyone has questions or needs to order treasure for an event text is my best option, but emails are great as well.

    Eight-Zero-One Six-Three-Three Seven-Three-Three-Three.

    tl;dr I’ll be looking for expired items and checking emails

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