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    J’hunai Noquar

      Summer is here and that means treats and runes are ready to be ordered. Have you ordered your favorite desserts yet? Why not? Have you ordered your warding runes or runes of Magic Sheath +10? Kind of silly not to.

      Giant chocolate chip cookie, 13-15 inches. – 2 silver
      Options: Chocolate Chip, M&Ms, White chocolate chips, dark chocolate chips, peanut butter chips, chocolate chunks, some other flavored chips.

      Chocolate chip cookies, 1 cookie – 3 copper, whole batch – 2 silver
      Options: Any options above

      Brownies – 1 four inch brownie – 5 Copper, Whole batch – 2 Silver
      Options: Any of the options above or frosting, but just the brownie is delicious. Paleo Zucchini Brownies are also available.

      No Bake Cookies – Contains oats, chocolate, butter, and peanut butter. – 1 four inch cookie – 5 copper, batch – 2 silver
      Optional add-in: shredded coconut

      Chocolate covered peanut butter bars – Contains oats, flour, eggs, chocolate, butter, and peanut butter – 1 four inch bar – 5 copper, Whole batch – 3 silver

      Rice Krispy treats – 1 four inch square 5 copper, Whole batch – 2 silver
      Options: Any sweet cereal within reason can replace rice krispys. Ex. Lucky charms or Fruity pebbles

      Fudge – 1 inch square – 1 copper, whole batch – 1 silver.

      Apple Turnovers – Contains green apples and cinnamon – 1 turnover – 5 copper, Whole batch (8) – 2 silver

      Cherry Turnovers – 1 turnover – 5 copper, Whole batch ( 8) – 2 silver
      Options – Cherries can be replaced with mixed berry pie filling

      Lemon Bars – Made with real lemons – Must order whole batch – 2 silver

      Sugar Cookies, 1 cookie – 3 copper, whole batch – 2 silver
      Options: Frosting, frosting with sprinkles. Warning: If ordering with frosting and sprinkles, designs are not perfect and may appear to be decorated by small children.

      Banana bread – 1 slice – 3 copper, Whole loaf – 1 silver

      *NEW* Peanut Butter cup rice krispie treats – 1 four inch square 5 copper, Whole batch – 2 silver

      Special orders that are not listed above are accepted as long as the effort to create your treat does not extend past my willingness to make it.

      Out of Game Note: All required monies are paid in game, however since I am using my personal out of game money to provide yummy treats, please be reasonable with your requests. I will accept any and all OOG money donations for purchasing ingredients and they are gladly accepted, but not required.

      Runic Goods
      Rune of Planar Transcendence – 5 silver *trained*
      Rune of Fireburst +10 – 10 copper
      Rune of Anticipate Blow – 5 silver
      Rune of magic sheath +10 – 4 silver
      Rune of Element +10 – 2 silver *trained*
      Rune of Assault (forceful assault) – 5 silver
      Rune of Force (Add FORCE to the next 3 spells – 4 silver
      Rune of Force Mimic Magic – 5 silver *trained*
      Rune of Steady Power +5 (Gain +5 spell damage for 5 minutes. Stackable increase) – 3 silver
      Rune of Boundless defense (+1 health for logistics, no armor) – 3 silver *trained*
      Rune of Heightened magic (Increases spell strike by +4 or +8 for logistics. Stackable increase) – 2 silver
      Rune of Fast Casting (At-Will spells to 3 count for five minutes) – 50 copper
      Rune of Create Lasting Ward (6 month duration) – 5 silver
      Rune of Create Master Lasting Ward (6 month duration, Takes 3 Destroy ward runes to destroy) – 6 silver
      Rune of Destroy Master Ward (Can destroy Master Lasting ward instead of using three create/destroy ward runes) – 5 silver

      Celestial Dust – 3 silver
      Philosophers Dust – 3 silver

      Spellfocuses, FocusStones, and Superior Mage Bracers are also available.

      Message me here or send me a pigeon with your order.

      J’hunai Noquar

      J'hunai Noquar
      Child of Earth Magic

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