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    OOG Note: The (XX) designates that all posts/responses within this thread are visible only to non-retired PC Characters

    Mich and I were able to gather some info from this new Akeronian noble.
    Here’s what the two of us were able to gather.

    The Legatus’ purchased her land and title by selling rare ores to Akeron (Orichalcum in particular)

    It is rumored that the Legatus is more of an investor than a merchant. Rather than deal in specific goods, the Legatus invests in projects and business enterprises

    It is rumored that the Legatus is attempting to expand her business interests into Haven and Chindius

    A representative of the Falconcrest Merchant’s alliance tried to meet with her to discuss trade and she refused to see him and thus far has refused to do business with anyone from Falconcrest

    The Legatus is planning to create an official Akeronian mercantile company

    It is said that the King and the Closed Council have been trying to negotiate for the location of the mines where she obtained the Orichalcum she used to buy her lands and title (and supposedly is the source of her great wealth), to no avail.

    The Legatus is said to be engaged in large scale, long term ventures in Ebrus, Hadrianus and Myzantus.

    It is rumored that the Legatus is seeking to expand into Northern Terath.

    The grounds of this Legatus’s estate were massive and were patroled by many guards. They wear chain armor with either leather or scale armor over it and their helms are conical with a single plume. As weapons go, the majority carry round wooden shields that are about 2 ft. in diameter and have either a scimitar or a spear. It seems those guards who are posted further away carry spears and those who are on the manor grounds proper carry scimitars. We didn’t see any casters among the guards and found none while we were there.

    I didn’t get into many rooms but one was completely anti magic. It didn’t dispel anything I had on me but I couldn’t cast.

    The following was a conversation between the Legatius and her head guard.

    “It has been done Tarkheena. We have emptied the adjoining rooms and our men keep eyes on this wall at all times.” Guard at the door
    “Very well, what does Noctis want that is so important?” The Legatus

    “Here is his message Tarkheena, it is, somewhat formal.” Head Guard

    “Of course it is. He is an Arcadian after all. Let’s hear it.” The Legatus (sighs)

    The head guard will start to read from a letter:

    “Legatus Arivis Hadji,

    I greet you as an equal, as one who shares the burden of our cause. You are a woman of prudence and wisdom, so I am concerned at what appears to be a dereliction of duty. I would remind you that while we both hold the rank and title of Legatus, I lead the VIIth legion. That includes the Therandian troops that are part of it. Your actions threaten to cause a crisis of command, one our mission will not tolerate. If needed, I will send word to the Legatus Legionis and request that our roles here be clarified.

    I wish you success in your mission, as neither of us can succeed if the other fails.

    Glory to the Empire

    Legatus Felix Noctus of the VIIth Legion.”

    “Bah, pompous fool. The only reason I agreed to use this ridiculous title is so he wouldn’t think he outranks me.” The Legatus

    “How did he hear of the request so quickly? Should we rescind the request to have our soldiers reassigned?” Head Guard

    “How? That Maar Ganin snake. He loves nothing more than to put his nose where it doesn’t belong. Yes, for now. I won’t allow him to insinuate that I am a potential cause for his mission to fail. It took too much maneuvering to get the Sultana, may she live forever, and the Sindicate to agree to my presence on this mission. That being said, we will remind the Legatus that the number of Therandian troops I would have at my disposal was pre-arranged. I will defer to his judgment, this time. Perhaps I will need to pay a visit to young Noctis earlier than I had hoped to.” The Legatus

    “We have sufficient guards to protect you, the manor and the lands that are now yours Tarkheena, what more need of troops do you have?” Head Guard

    “Do not forget the poets, application to business is the root of prosperity, but those who ask questions that do not concern them are steering the ship of folly towards the rock of indigence.” The Legatus

    The following if a response to the letter above

    Legatus Felix Noctus of the VIIth Legion,

    I am gladdened that you write to me as an equal, but worried by your accusations of dereliction of duty. Our missions, Legatus of the VIIth Legion, though tied together are separate. As you do not answer to me, I in turn do not answer to you. Though do not walk in worry that your mission will fail due to my actions. Remember that the poets have said:

    “Swords can be kept off with shields but the Eye of Wisdom pierces through every defense.”

    My plans are long laid and expertly applied. You will have what you need from me, but in turn I must have what is owed. The number of Therandian soldiers I requisitioned does not exceed the number that was agreed will be at my disposal. Though for now, I will defer to your judgment and withdraw my request. I will not be able to act without them indefinitely if my part is to be successful. When that time comes, if it is your preference, I can request your Arcadian soldiers, rather than my Therandian countrymen.

    My you find profit and success,

    Legatus Arivis Hadji
    Tarkheena of Theranda

    Lots to break down here, names, titles, and countries. If you have any information to add to this or want to add information of past events feel free.


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