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      Sonya’s face takes on a scowl that usually only enemies witness before becoming a bloody heap at her boots. She puts down her book and stands to face Lanre.

      “Are you looking to pick yet another fight?”

      She snarls the next words and slams her fist on the table.

      “Are you!? Bringing up past events that only enrage me to think about. Not to mention, butting into business, once again, that is not yours to meddle. We’re in a town full of murderers, assassins, mercenaries, peacekeepers, politicians, and military members. Do you really think we’re all going to get along all the time? By the Dead, Lanre, Stay out of it for once in your life.”

      She glances at Kaine and states,”If you’re only to apologize for what you have to say, keep it to yourself.”

      She sits back down in her chair with a thump and takes another drink

      Michael K Ricks

        Kaine nods knowingly in agreement with Sonya’s comment to him
        Kaine raises his glass in toast

        “Here’s to a good town full of murderers, assassins, mercenaries, peacekeepers, politicians, and military members.”

        Kaine sets his glass down, relaxes into his chair and pulls a book from his medical bag to read and make notes.


          Lanre looks a bit surprised by Sonya’s outburst, his face twisted in a frown of mild confusion.

          “People need to know that the Garadetzki Family does not easily forgive an insult, regardless of whether or not the insult was intentional or not. Just like people need to know that I am a loudmouth who likes to but into other people’s business.

          “It is not fair to Krow, or anyone else for that matter, for them to think that you are targeting them and them alone with your wrath, Sonya. My words serve to point out to everyone in this tavern that Karkarov’s lack of forgiveness, and your support of his snubbing of Krow, are in your nature.”

          Lanre will take his foot down from the chair and slowly stretch his back. “If Krow, or anyone else in Northwatch, were to believe that you were targeting them specifically, rather than reacting plainly and simply in your own way, then the Garadetzki Family would risk creating true enemies in Northwatch. This is something that I will not allow for two reasons.”

          Lanre counts off a single finger on his right hand. “One, I love the Garadetzki Family. Whether or not I am a friend of yours, I have decided that you are friends of mine. And I’ll not tolerate people developing an unnecessary eminity towards you.”

          He then counts off a second finger on his hand, speaking loudly. “Two, I am quite fond of the Adventurers of Northwatch. With the exception of the bold hero Valdimarr D’Angelo, who even your whole family could never hope to defeat in battle, I recognize that anyone who is your enemy stands a very strong chance of being…,” Lanre coughs, looking to Karkarov as if quoting him, “dueled, humiliated, and buried.

          “That is an inevitability that I would rather hope to avoid.”


            Sonya mimics Lanre and counts off a single finger on her right hand.

            “Krow isn’t here to listen to your reasoning for Garadetzki behavior.” she holds up a second finger.

            “I spoke to Krow several days ago about how this would go down and what to expect.” She holds up a third.

            “I don’t know in what world you think ANY adventurer in this town, man or woman could stand up against five plus people. You’re welcome to dream, we’ll never know will we?” She waves her hand dismissively as if the thought is ridiculous.

            She looks around the tavern and her eyes rest on Kaine. She motions to him befor elooking back to Lanre.

            “I cant be sure why you are preaching on like this when there is only person who could benefit from it. It’s beyond me why you would provoke me so with your prattling instead of simply sitting down and chatting with Krow, or Kaine and explaining things from your point of view.”


              “Fair enough.” Lanre will take a step back, nodding with an ingratiating smile and raising his hands to show that Sonya has won the point. “Why do I do this? Because we are friends, Sonya, and I have your back, that’s all.”


                Bort enters the tavern, heads directly to the kitchen area and sticks his head in. He takes a deep breath, nods approvingly then walks to the bar, pours himself a large tankard of ale and moves to a empty table and has a seat. After taking a long drink he looks around.

                Hello everyone.

                Without waiting for a response he pulls out a small tattered book and begins to study the last couple of pages.


                  Sibella watches as Bort takes his seat. After a moment, she’ll close her journal and collect her things and walks over to where Bort is sitting

                  Always good to see you, Bort.

                  As she speaks, she’ll set her things down and have a seat. Once again, pulling our her own journal and pen and begins to write.

                  PC: Rory Brooker
                  Retired PC: Sibella R. Listrotov
                  OOG: Chelsea Baldwin

                Viewing 7 posts - 81 through 87 (of 87 total)
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